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P2002 Server Update - Titanium Setup & Additional Info

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P2002 Server Update - Titanium Setup & Additional Info

Postby Trust » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:03 pm

Server Update

NOTE - This is NOW LIVE!

We are very excited to announce a new age in P2002's development. A very large code change has been implemented which will require a new game client! We will now be using a Titanium Era client. This change has been done for a multitude of reasons. The biggest one is that the EQEMU codebase has been designed for future upgrades and runs on a more mature netcode. EQEMU code offers the support of an entire EMU community and many of the issues we have had with the EQMAC client are already fixed. We asked ourselves this after the release of Velious and decided as a team this was the best option to bring our playerbase the most enjoyable experience possible. We have been working hard for months to make this idea a reality, our goal has not changed and we believe this change of client will give players a chance to play up through the Planes of Power expansion with a better client than was available during live at this time. We have tailored the server to be as period correct without client side custom modifications. Some items that are Quality of Life improvements that are out of era are currently to remain, see the "How will this change gameplay?" Section.

The server has grown so much over the last year and the community has been fantastic, we felt we owed a better experience to our players. Our Development team has a wide range of skills and while we do have a number of developers that maintain our codebase, we would prefer to focus our limited time on ensuring our game database is as accurate as we can make it. We are not a preservation server, nor have we ever billed our-self as one. Our goal is to have the most enjoyable Planes of Power experience a user can find. We believe this change will help accelerate this server to even higher levels of enjoyment.

Common Questions

What client can I use?

First and foremost, do not attempt to use a previous version of the P99 install. The instructions for Stock Retail Titanium Setup are located <Here>. There is also a packaged version provided by a community player available <Here>. You will also need to unzip the new EQHost and Spells file into the install root. Supplemental Files v02

If I play on a Mac what do I use?

Understand we did not make this client change lightly as we knew this would remove the ability to use the native MacOS client. However we have provided a pre-configured WineSkin container located <Here> and a fully packaged version provided by a community player <Here>. This client has been tested on different Mac's with no general issues.

Another option is to use bootcamp to run windows 7 or 10 and use the client natively in windows. We also have many community support users and GM's that can assist with getting users on Mac up and fully functioning.

What about client security?

Many people are opposed to the heavy handed approach that P99 imposes on their client (Nothing wrong with that, it is their choice). We have opted to not require any custom DLL files with our server. Modifications will need to be done in order to visit some zones, please see the installation and setup guide. With the lack of custom files, some features that are slightly out of era but provide a Quality of Life improvement while not being game breaking are included. See the "How will this change gameplay?" Section.

Why can't I login with my current password?

To do this swap we had to have everyone reset their passwords for security reasons.

How will this change gameplay?

  • Desyncs should be drastically reduced.
  • LD on zone should be drastically reduced.
  • Autofire and Melody are now active. (Quality of Life Improvement)
  • Mousewheel scroll is now active. (#1 requested feature by far)
  • Better boxing enviroment
  • Casting on slippery surfaces is now possible.
  • Bard speed modifier should stay after zoning.
  • All zone points have been fixed to be "true" much more accurate.
  • AA's are all working now. (When their appropriate expansion is released)
  • WinEQ 2.0 will now be the multiboxing tool. (ISBOXER is still illegal)
  • Raid Window is active and fully functional.
  • Bard song window will be active.
  • Tradeskill window will have some additional features.
  • The mouse will not be locked in window. (Seamless Window)
  • As there has been an influx of new to everquest players, in game maps are enabled in starting cities only.
  • Cycle Target
  • Dot Damage reporting
  • Green pet pulling has been removed.
  • DirectX9 Cleaner Graphics
  • LFG Window

What will not change with gameplay?

  • AC and melee code have been converted to work with the new client. (Planes of Power Accurate)
  • Disciplines will auto train when you level....no need for tomes(like PEQ).
  • Many current ported UI's have been converted (Including PowerOfTwo)
  • The database has been merged over and all mobs/drops ect will be the same.
  • 3-Boxing is still allowed
  • The Nostalgic feeling of Planes of Power and the great community!
  • All Characters will be preserved.


  • The Players and Community that make this worth doing!
  • TAKP Team for their code of the original server and ongoing efforts to preserve the Al`Kabor Experience.
  • EQEmu Team for the amazing code and work over the years (Please see the About page for all individual credits per commits)
  • All testers who have helped our during the Beta and Stress tests, we could not of done this without you!
  • Our current development team that has spent so much time with converting database and code, deploying a new environment and generally spending every evening behind the scenes working on the game.

Edit* Updated the Titan Package


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Stock Titanium Setup

Postby Trust » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:03 pm

Stock Titanium Setup Walkthrough

  1. Start with a fresh Titanium Install to a new directory (Example C:\P2002_Titanium).
  2. Do NOT run the game or patcher or you will need to start all over.
  3. Download our required game files [Here].
  4. Extract the files directly to your Titanium Install Folder. They will need to overwrite all files that are prompted for.
  5. The following files must be deleted for some zones to work:
    • arena.eqg
    • arena_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
    • lavastorm.eqg
    • nektulos.eqg
    • Nektulos_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
    • bazaar.eqg
  6. Launch the game by running 1_RunEverquest.bat in your Titanium Install Directory
  7. Check out our patcher for handling future updates. Read more and download [Here].

Important Notes

  1. Use your forum account to create multiple game accounts by clicking on the account button at the top of this page. DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE FORUM ACCOUNTS! Repeat. DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE FORUM ACCOUNTS!
  2. We recommend using Wineq2 if you wish to box. Details on setup found [Here].


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Re: P2002 Server Update

Postby Trust » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:03 pm



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Re: P2002 Server Update

Postby Trust » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:05 pm



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Re: P2002 Server Update

Postby Iance » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:13 pm


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Re: P2002 Server Update

Postby Curtischoy » Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:01 am

This is amazing guys!


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Re: P2002 Server Update

Postby Toombstone » Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:00 am

This is awesome. Great job guys, I'm super happy to see this.


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Re: P2002 Server Update

Postby parishSG » Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:10 am

Awesome! Can't wait to help test.


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Re: P2002 Server Update

Postby zokg » Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:45 am

This is welcome news,

Do we have an eta at all for this to go live? or will that all depend on the testing?
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Re: P2002 Server Update

Postby Aztefano » Thu Jun 16, 2016 4:52 am

MELODY!!!!!! This is a TOTAL game changer for me, I now have the most powerful trio possible!!!!! bard/war/shammy UNKILLABLE!!!! WHOHOOO!! :D

Awesome work dudes, you can look forward to a donation!
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