Welcome to Project 2002 - The Age of Al'Kabor!

The scope of this project is to emulate Planes of Power Era EverQuest (circa 2002). We have motivated staff and the intention to release content in a timely manner to avoid congestion of raid content and stagnation of the server at all costs. This also means that we rely heavily on our community, which keeps providing us with excellent bug reports to improve on both server code and the database. This project is a community effort, and we would like to take a moment to thank everyone for all the hard work they put into this project!

Project 2002 was launched on 20th of March 2015, the Ruins of Kunark expansion followed on 19th of June, and Scars of Velious was released on 19th of December. Besides those expansions we have also released the Optional Odus Zones (The Warrens, Stonebrunt Mountains and the Hole), Shar Vahl and Shadeweaver's Thicket (which means Vah'Shir and Beastlords are available), the Nexus, the Bazaar and Shadow Haven - and the Plane of Knowledge.

Plane of Mischief and the 2nd level of Plane of Hate (which was introduced during Velious on Live) are targeted for a release in Q1/Q2 of 2016, and the work on Cazic Thule and Luclin will begin once those zones are completed.

Our server is based on the Open Source code base started by EQMac Emu, which in turn originated with Project EQ and the EQ Emulator Community. Without their years of combined work this project would not be possible. Our gratitude goes out to everyone involved in those communities!

If you want to find out more about the team and people behind this project, please visit the about page and The team page

The Vision

Project 2002 is about playing in fairness, having fun, enjoying the quest for pixels and building a community. We promote a healthy competitive raid environment with a hands off GM approach. Much like the original Live Servers, we operate under a Free For All rule set and will only be enforcing EQLive's "Play Nice Policy". Guides are available to help people with petitions, but when it comes to raid and group content, it will be up to players to mediate and create their own resolutions to disputes.

We operate under a 3 box limit, we want this to be an equal opportunity server for all players. While we realize we can't technically force people to be social and group with each other, there are experience mechanics in place that greatly encourage groups with more than 3 characters (not unlike the original Al'Kabor EverQuest Server).

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If you have any further questions that are not covered in our FAQ, feel free to open a thread on our General forums. We hope to see you in "our world" soon!

- the P2002 team