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Equipping yourself as a P2002 newbie

Decent starting gear is very obtainable on this server, even when you start without a single copper coin in your purse;

Newbie armor quests The PoP newbie armor quests are active here (although a few are missing) for people that want to grind up their own set of class specific armor. The stats on these armor sets are not that great especially for melee/tank classes as the AC is a bit lacking. But they often have a very cool and colourful look, and for caster classes they make more sense as they are less dependent on AC and more on stats.

Scarab Armor There are only three pieces (boots, chest, helm) in this set, but the chest AC is slightly better than the newbie quest armor. Unfortunately small races only. Item 779.gif[1] Item 624.gif[2] Item 629.gif[3]

Loda Kai Armor If you are a class/race that can wear medium chain armor you are in luck, as a very nice set drops off low level mobs in Shadeweavers Thicket. The armor has exactly the same AC as banded armor but with a dark blue tint. The mobs dropping the armor pieces are between lv 8 and 15 and the best location to find them is in the 'Trader Cave' close to the undead camp. The trader cave is also an excellent levelling spot due to the density of the mobs and the short spawn time. Item 538.gif[4] Item 540.gif[5] Item 543.gif[6]

Weapons The Loda Kai bandits also drops magic monk/beastlord weapons with some decent stats, there are also a few decent charred weapons dropping in the zone off slightly higher level skeletons. Item 1179.gif[7] Item 971.gif[8] Item 568.gif[9]

Jewelery an injured rat (lv2) in Qeynos Catacombs drops (always) a +5 HP earring Item 800.gif[10] Loda Kai Soldiers, Thugs and Brigands (lv8-17) sometimes drop a +10 HP earring Item 535.gif[11] The Elite Gnolls (lv12-13) in Blackburrow drops a +3 AC/STR necklace Item 643.gif[12]

Getting your first plat Item 813.gifPlague Rat tails sells for close to 2pp and drops in the Qeynos and Freeport newbie zones off lv 1 rats. These are really good, you can easily scrounge up 50pp by lv 5-6 hunting these. Later on, if you are killing the Loda Kai bandits you can sell any surplus armor pieces for between 1 and 2.5 pp.

Happy hunting!