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This section goes over how haste mechanics work. In addition, at the bottom of this page, there are information tables for the various haste items in game.

There are three main types of haste:

  1. Item Haste (also known as worn haste)
  2. Spell Haste (includes clickies, spells, songs, and v2 songs - erjav line)
  3. Overhaste (v3 bard song haste - warsong line)

No two sources of haste from the same type stack with one exception:

  • erjav-line bard songs (v2 haste) stacks with other spell type haste, but only to the hard cap maximum.

Each type of haste stacks on top of the others additively, however there are some restrictions:

Item and spell haste can only stack to a level based maximum as shown below:

Level Haste Cap
1 50%
31 74%
51 84%
55 94%
60 100%

These are hard caps, however, overhaste can stack indefinitely, but there will be no sources of overhaste until luclin bard songs become available, with one exception:

  • The monk discpline One-Hundred Fists (lvl 57) grants an overhaste-type haste effect (Hundred Hands Effect) that stacks with ALL hastes, including bard v3 overhaste.

Worn Haste Items

These items provide their haste values as long as the item is equipped, and are categorized under the first type (item) haste. Their haste stacks with all spell type haste and any overhaste.

Droppable Items

Name Haste Req/Rec Lvl Other Stats Obtained From ZAM Link
Swiftclaw Sash 15% None ac2, agi2, wt0.1 Heretic Heads (Quest) item link
Flowing Black Silk Sash 21% None wt0.1 A Frenzied Ghoul item link
Runed Bolster Belt 31% None ac5, str10, dex10, sta10, wt0.1 Gorenaire, Lady Vox, Talendor, Faydedar, Severilous item link
Fearsome Girdle 41% None/51 ac20, dex8, sta8, agi8, svALL7, wt0.5 Avatar of Fear (Raid Event) item link

No Drop Items

Name Haste Req/Rec Lvl Other Stats Obtained From ZAM Link
Windraider's Belt 40% None ac35, str10, svALL7, wt0.5 Zlexak item link

Clicky Haste Items

These items provide a clicky effect haste that is categorized as the second type (spell) haste. The haste effect is only applied if the clicky is cast, and these effects do not stack with any other spell type haste.

Droppable Items

Name Effect Duration Cast Type Clicky Level Req Obtained From ZAM Link
Ashenwood Short Spear Haste - 35% (?) 18sec (3 ticks) Inventory Castable (10 Charges) None Drelzna item link

No Drop Items

Name Effect Duration Cast Type Clicky Level Req Obtained From ZAM Link
Eyepatch of Plunder Captain Nalot's Quickening - 20% 10min Inventory Castable None The Lost Map (Quest) item link

Haste Spells

These are the haste buffs that can be cast by players on other players, either via direct buff, group buff, or bard songs. They do not stack with each other, except for erjav line (v2) bard songs, and the overhaste (v3) bard songs that will be available at luclin launch.

Normal Haste

Name Haste Class Duration
Alacrity 34%(L24) - 40%(L36) ENC/24, SHM/44, BST/60 5.8min(L24) - 11min(L50)

Bard v2 Songs

These stack with other spell type hastes but will not allow you to go over your current level haste cap

Name Haste Other Stats Level Instrument
Melody of Ervaj 5% ac5(L50) - ac6(L65) 50 Brass

Bard v3 Songs

These stack with all other types of haste and allow players to go above their level hard caps.

Name Haste Other Stats Level Instrument
Warsong of the Vah Shir 25% None 60 Brass