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oink oink oink

Postby northerntroll » Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:46 am

The 80/20 or Piggy rule is also NOT in effect on the server as it is out of era.
I know that loy expansion is being looked at being introduced....?

Did the decision makers, examine making the existing expansion more flexible, or are they big on sticking to the timeline? [no key for you!....klaus kellerman 2019]

Personally, not that botered about getting into time....but fire and water were fun zones at times.

Just wondering what the current philosopjy is for the server going forward, or are people still deciding on the future.?

tbh I do hope the bigwigs, making the decisions are less rigid than the p99 mob, who were very obnoxious towards the playerbase.


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Re: oink oink oink

Postby Trust » Thu Aug 08, 2019 5:32 pm

Player feedback is welcome but not all decisions are purely up to the community.

I would like to see the piggy rule in, however it will take a fair bit of work to implement it as it does not exist on any server currently.


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Re: oink oink oink

Postby eldarian » Thu Aug 08, 2019 7:45 pm

i know from time and this is from experience. If your raid had 80% time flagged 20% unflagged could enter. Once in time keys dropped that flagged you for time from the trash. I can find a more detailed instruction on this experience if you like.

http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/ques ... quest=3019

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