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Grokii's offspring playing EQ: Halflings

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Grokii's offspring playing EQ: Halflings

Postby Grokii » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:17 pm

This is a thread that I will update as my offspring and I start up some new characters. They've seen me playing recently and want to give EverQuest a try. We will all start at level 1 and no bazaar or help from others to at the beginning.

We have had some discussions about EverQuest and how it's different to other games: persistent world, online community, lots of time needed on any character(s) they create to get any progression, etc.

They know I really enjoy the iksar race. I've always favored lizard type creatures or skins in any other games we played together. They both wanted to play iksar to start, but I wanted them to get a handle on EverQuest first and not have their first experience be Cabilis. Thus, I created a new hurdle for them. We would all start as halflings and they need to reach level 10 on their chosen halfling before they could create a different character. Additionally, they had to quest a full set of 'starting zone' quest armor. Once that is done, then they can branch out and create any race/class combination they want, and I will do my best to fill out the group with the final choice. No joining a guild, no zone other than Rivervale and Misty Thicket.

Barring any technical issues we should be starting either today or tomorrow. Tentatively they would like to play a halfling warrior and a halfling druid. I'll likely go ranger to help with tracking quest kills.

I'll write a recap after each play session. Stay tuned if you'd like to see what kind of trouble we get into.


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Re: Grokii's offspring playing EQ: Halflings

Postby Sunbeam » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:23 pm

Might be a little late, but I think your child would be better off playing a Ranger than a Warrior. He might actually like the class, and he could play it even when you aren't playing. Not really possible with a warrior if he doesn't box.


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Re: Grokii's offspring playing EQ: Halflings

Postby sloctain » Tue Jul 16, 2019 12:31 am

I noticed on Discord you were having issues with your child's PC running the game. It does sound like there is a process causing client side 'lag'. I am assuming, yes I know what happens when we assume, that you are running Windows 10. Sadly Windows 10 is not very good at playing nice with others. The Windows Store is a very needy and greedy process, and the XBox Live app is also a resource hog that loves to run in the background eating CPU time and bandwidth. If you do not use these features you can disable/remove them without causing any problems with the operation of the PC.

Another suggestion you might try, if the PC your child's client is playing on is a multi core machine you could try to lock the instance of EQ on one of the back cores to see if that helps as well, Windows will pretty much stay on CPU core 0 so if you can move the instance off core 0 it might help.

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