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Assist Grokii in finding his EQ mojo

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Assist Grokii in finding his EQ mojo

Postby Grokii » Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:49 am

Hello everyone and thanks for reading. I was a player on p2002 back in 2017 for a bit, but I ended up stalling progression and lost interest.

My interest is back and I'd like recommendations for a gear path and group composition. This will be influenced by my playstyle and what I want to get out of my time while playing.

To give you a quick history of my play experience on live. My main characters went like this: Monk to low 30s, Enchanter to low 40s, Kunark launched, Wizard to low 40s. Took a break to Luclin, new account. New wizard to 60. PoP launched. Found an IRL friend playing on a different server and another IRL friend started playing. Switched servers and started Shaman (he started a SK). Shaman stayed my main until OoW and a few expansions after.

Now on p2002 I have been trying to 3-box, but it has proven difficult for me to stay current on gearing for each character. I usually just focus on one character and have the other characters supporting that main person.

I enjoy grouping more than solo. I often log in where I am available 80% of the time. This means sometimes I need to direct my attention elsewhere while at the PC, or sometimes I need to step away. This isn't great for group play. If I am in a group and I need to leave more than once in an hour I tend to just log off than inconvenience the group.

I'd like to relive some dungeon camping or dungeon crawling like I did back in live. Experiencing raids again would be great, but it is difficult to commit to long hours. I may be able to swing one night a week, but I have a lot of gearing up to do on my characters before this would even be possible.

Here are some bucketlist goals:

1) Join in a kill of Naggy/Vox (never did this live, would need to park a character at the right level and find out who is killing them)
2) Learn Seb (Missed this dungeon in live, took a break shortly after Kunark went live and came back at Luclin, would like to learn it)
3) Charm kite PoNightmare werewolves on my bard (I did this back in the day and I'd like to see if I could figure out how to do it again)
4) Get epics on my chosen trio (only ever did the shaman epic in live, would like to get each epic for whatever trio I choose)
5) Most interesting classes for me to be my 'main' are (in no particular order) Bard, Beastlord, Enchanter, and Rogue

All that said, I have 6 characters all about the same level. My first trio stalled, so I started over. Then my second trio stalled, so I lost interest and stopped logging in. In both cases I didn't gear up which is likely why I stalled.

First trio was Warrior/Cleric/Bard. My intention was for my bard to be my main and I added Warrior/Cleric so I had tank/heals and the bard would pull, slow, snare, mez, mana song downtime, etc. In hindsight I may have been better off just soloing on my bard, but I knew with summoning NPCs this would eventually limit. When I started doing Luclin zones I just lost the DPS battle. Fights dragged on and on.

Here is the profile for those characters
Warrior 52(0AA): http://allaclone.p2002.com/magelo/index ... har=Grokii
Cleric 59(0AA): http://allaclone.p2002.com/magelo/index ... ar=Yvonnel
Bard 51(1AA): http://allaclone.p2002.com/magelo/index ... =Jarlaxxle

Second trio was going to 'fix' that DPS problem. I would run 3 DPS classes. My theory was I would be able to join other people's trios and add more damage with one, two, or even all three of my characters. If I couldn't find a group, then I would use my group composition to kill without tanking. I went for a beastlord and necromancer. My intention was for my beastlord to be my main and the necromancer made this composition possible via fear kiting. I ended up bringing along a wizard as the third, but he was just supposed to be a port dummy. It honestly isn't a great fit.

Here is the profiles for those characters:
Beastlord 49: http://allaclone.p2002.com/magelo/index ... har=Gbroki
Necro 47: http://allaclone.p2002.com/magelo/index ... ar=Gnrokii
Wizard 48: http://allaclone.p2002.com/magelo/index ... har=Gwroki

As I see it I have a few options:
1) Return to one of the trios above
2) Create a new trio using a mix of the characters
3) Create a new character and supplement with existing characters (thinking rogue or enchanter)

For a tank/spank trio with existing characters I am considering
- Warrior/Cleric/Beastlord, The beastlord has a slow but lacks snare, but I could root with the cleric.
- Warrior/Cleric/Necromancer, The necromancer lacks a slow, but has snare. The necromancer also seems strange because why wouldn't I just fear kite and skip the warrior/cleric?
- Beastlord/Cleric/?? - Have the beastlord tank, would require much better gear and AAs to be effective. The third would be best to have a snare. Same concerns with a necro because why wouldn't I just fear kite. Bard has a lot of utility, but not really a dps beast.

For a non-traditional trio, what options are there other than the necro with fear kiting? A duo or trio around an enchanter sounds appealing, but daunting. I never did the charm thing on my enchanter. Bard enchanting always seemed better because I could run away and recharm while not getting hit.

If I did go for fear kiting I like the necro/beastlord duo, but could use recommendations on a solid third. I'm not happy with the synergy on the wizard.

Final question is gearing my chosen team. Currently only the warrior has a couple nice items. Everyone else could basically be naked. I have an 11k plat budget to start gearing up. Any tank/spank trio would need the tank to receive the majority of the budget. I'm frustrated because I can tank places that have upgrades without already having said upgrades. Actual upgrades I can buy seem price prohibitive. Tried googling different gearing options, but not finding a great upgrade path for gear I can camp on my own.

If you made it reading this far, thank you! I would really enjoy your insight on any/all of the above issues. Help me find my EQ mojo!


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Re: Assist Grokii in finding his EQ mojo

Postby Hazel » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:26 pm

I wouldn't start over. All your characters are in level to group together and get exp, so you can pick any three.

I think Cleric / Necro / Wizard looks interesting. Can necro pet tank well enough? You don't need it to tank long as you have nukes on the cleric and wizard to take it down fast.

As far as learning dungeons, I suggest the test server. (Not sure if it's up atm) You can gear up to the hilt using #commands and go play. If you die..so what. You can just regear if you don't want to CR.

Grouping is hit or miss. We all are busy and can't commit to concentrated play.

Casters don't really need a lot of gear until raiding. I seriously wore the newbie quest gear until 50 on my cleric / enchanter / druid and it isn't much better than that now at 60.


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Re: Assist Grokii in finding his EQ mojo

Postby XeroKill » Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:39 pm

Looking at what you have available, I would have to agree that starting over would be a tremendous loss. Personally, I would highly consider BST / CLR / BRD. The Beast pet can do your tanking and your Bard could be anything from a mana battery to your primary player with pulls, slows, charms, and much more. The Bard is just SOOO versatile that if you want to put 90% of your attention into them, you can do just about anything... and if all else fails, you can swarm kite with the Bard while your Cleric provides the occasional heal / rez when something goes wrong.

Just because a class CAN solo doesn't mean you should, especially in the case of Bard swarm kiting because it is just so damned efficient that you might as well level up two other classes while you are at it. All they have to do is sit there adding to the XP bonus.

So what was wrong with your WAR / CLR / BRD trio or even WAR / CLR / BST? That sounds pretty damn dope too... the only character that NEEDS gear is the Warrior, and even then there are really good items for dirt cheap and none of it really matters until 60+ in the planes as long as you can slow. Bards can level to 65 naked and never miss a beat, and the same is true of the Cleric with just a minor investment into some really good, but stupid cheap MANA/WIS gear from PoP, they can level to 65 practically naked as well. I currently run a RNG / ENC / CLR trio and both my Cleric and Enchanter are still geared with stuff that has useless stats, some slots with cloth, and even some slots with nothing in them. My Enchanter doesn't have a wrist or foot item at all. They just don't need gear, because mana is the only factor in determining their efficiency and with free KEI / Virtue floating around, and really good items that drop super common in the planes which cost less than 200p, mana just isn't an issue... ever.

I think you have some very good options available here, and things are a bit different with PoP available. However, if you really do want to start over, you should really consider an Enchanter for your group... it is tired and played out, but for a reason. In the planes, Enchanter is the only way to go, and everything else is just playing catch-up. I think the absolute strongest end-game trio is the one I am using, RNG / CLR / ENC. The Ranger plays the role of tank until the mid 50s, when it starts to get more and more difficult to keep the Ranger alive. Even until 60, with Enchanter slow and Cleric heals, keeping a Ranger alive is easy mode outside of the planes. But once you hit 55 - 57 you will want to start doing places like PoNightmare and it becomes too inefficient to let the Ranger tank. You just charm a tree, give it pet toys, buff it to the nines with Haste / Boon from the Enchanter, and ATK / AC / DS from the Ranger... and then use the Ranger to pull / control with snares and roots. Then just sit back and watch as a single tree tears up all the ass in sight, while your XP bar flies off the screen. Later in the game, when the Ranger gets Archery Mastery 3 and Endless Quiver... well to quote Sir Hudson:



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Re: Assist Grokii in finding his EQ mojo

Postby Grokii » Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:22 pm

Thanks for the replies! I've recently been finding groups with others and having a blast. The EQ itch is definitely back for me. Thanks for starting Ding and keeping it running Hazel. : )

XeroKill, you mentioned some "stupid cheap MANA/WIS gear from PoP". I'd really appreciate it if you shared the items you are referring to. There is a lot of information and items and I haven't been able to find or remember. Knowing some common items to look for would be very helpful.

The bard as a main is tempting. Like you said if I devote my attention to only the bard there is a lot that can be done.

I think I'm leaning toward Beastlord/Cleric/Necro when I'm on my own. With AA and gear the Beastlord will eventually be able to tank fairly well with beastlord slow and a cleric healing. Necro provides dps and snare. My success in the planes will be gear/AA dependent. When I'm in a group I'll just drop the Cleric and go with two DPS.

The charm thing is really appealing. I've never done it and I'm a little concerned about boxing and charming. I may just level up a ranger/enchanter combo when the mood strikes me with my high level cleric providing heals outside the group. Once I get into my 50's and higher I can try the enchanter charm thing.


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Re: Assist Grokii in finding his EQ mojo

Postby playing4peace » Thu Jul 11, 2019 9:53 am

You are going to find that "designing the perfect 3-box" isn't really going to serve you near as well as developing multifaceted toons in the long haul. If you stick with it long enough, tradeskills (all of them) will enter the picture, so.. my suggestion (in addition to all of the other ideas others have offered or may offer in the future) is....

Work on choosing toons that serve more than one purpose. It sorta goes without saying, that eventually everyone has a druid. At/after 59, they become the most versatile PLers for making more toons. They can port and give some useful buffs (Protection of the Cabbage at 59, Glades at 60).

Plan with a bigger picture in mind - what tradeskill(s) should I pile onto which toons? (keeping cultural benefits in mind)

Also, and I'm surprised Hazel didn't mention it - for gearing your toons, Hazel runs a donation driven trader named Copperstore, where you can buy gear for those numerous vacant (or cloth covered) slots on your support toons - everything is 1cp (yes, one copper piece!) because it's all donated. I'll point you to Hazel and her posts here for more info on that.


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Re: Assist Grokii in finding his EQ mojo

Postby XeroKill » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:11 am

In so far as specific items, that really fluctuates from day to day. The economy is really wild on this server. My best suggestion for finding good deals is to visit the bazaar, set your filters to include your desired class / race, set the stat to mana / hp / wis / etc., then sort your search based either on the stat you selected to see the items with the most of said stat, or by price to see the items with the lowest cost and then scroll up until you find a high stat value at a low price point.

Edit to add: Regarding charming and 3-boxing, well, that of course relates directly to your skill in juggling, but there are some things that make it very much easier. For example, in my trio of RNG / ENC / CLR, I deal with charm breaks by having the Ranger immediately snare the pet which always pulls agro immediately from the Enchanter. Then I kite the mob away from or around the Enchanter while I reapply Tash and then re-charm. It is quite fluid and like anything you do a lot, you will get good at it. I would highly suggest getting GINA and using it to have an audible alarm for charm breaks, root breaks, and timers for things like snare and slow. There is a metric ton of good things you can do with it, but even keeping it simple will give you a huge leg up in keeping track of everything going on.

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