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Monk DPS - DW or 2HB

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Monk DPS - DW or 2HB

Postby sesamiseed1234 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:17 am

Pretty popular topic but I couldn't find an older post specific to p2002 forum so sorry if it's been discussed already (happy to read more if anyone has link). Curious if anyone sees difference in DPS output for monks who use DW vs. 2hb. Additionally if there's a certain time I should use 1 or the other.

From what I've seen around the web, it's hard to gauge since they're all from various eras with seemingly different mechanics and weps available.
Disclaimer: All my years of playing EQ, I've been a tank or CC so i have no idea how to parse or proper parsing technique

My current situation:

Human Monk - lvl 43 (hope to be 50 by end of 2xp weekend)

DW weps: Primary - SoS (28/17 w/ shield proc once i hit 50) --- Secondary - Cane of Tranquil (25/11 - no proc)
2HB wep: Wu Quiv Staff (28/23)

Additional notes:
- Have SCHW for haste
- boxing trio is with SK and Druid so not too concerned about tank ability unless an add pops into play

I'm also looking at investing into some better weps but based on feedback, that will determine what. Currently looking at items like:
- Tranquil staff (2hb, 30/29 +dd proc)
- Spiked Velium Mallet (1hb, 20/10 +dd proc)
- Guard Capt. Mallet (1hb, 20/11 +stats)
- Adamantite Club (1hb, 25/15 +stun proc)

Just looking for any kind of advice or recommendations. DPS is new to me so anything helps.


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Re: Monk DPS - DW or 2HB

Postby zeonick » Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:39 pm

So you want a fast, good ratio wep in your main hand to take advantage of the damage bonus on it, and the best ratio possible in the offhand. Given that, switch your main hand and offhand around immediately! Damage bonus is added to every swing, so faster swings=it adds to your total dmg output faster.

As for 2hb vs 1h, it depends. There are formulas on live to determine the trade study between them, but I won't bring it up here. Don't know if it is applicable or not. For the most part, pre PoP and raid weps I'd say 1hers are better, although a tranquil staff is pretty nice for low levels such as yourself. With PoP though, you can buy an entwood mace and the katar from PoS which is a very solid combo.

Once you get 65 with AAs, 2hb reigns supreme (maybe once you get time or some of the 20/19 weps from ele you can argue against 2hb). But you have a plethora of nice 2hbs such as:

Mithril shod staff
Rune etched bamboo bo
Fiery staff of zha
Staff from emp (much harder to get)

That will beat out all lower-mid range 1hers.

As for right now, wus is a great weapon. So is tranquil staff. I'd also recommend downloading gamparse and testing the dps yourself :)

Feel free to message me anytime for info.
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Re: Monk DPS - DW or 2HB

Postby sesamiseed1234 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:17 pm

awesome! Thanks for the clarification. Especially with the primary/secondary swap.
Def going to invest a bit of time into parsing to figure out what works best and in what scenario. Totally different ball game than my traditional class.

I think I'll go the rout of 1hb for now since there isn't a big diff till the AAs as you mentioned. Also cuz the 2hb tend to weigh more than 1hb combined.


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Re: Monk DPS - DW or 2HB

Postby moghedan » Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:50 pm

Realest advice ever... just play a shadow knight.
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