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Trade bug made money disappear


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Trade bug made money disappear

Postby Erleichda » Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:19 pm

I was transferring some money between characters in PoK and right as I was giving the money to the second character someone ran past and it opened up a trade window with them. I quickly hit cancel on the trade and they continued to run past, but I didn't get the money back. I spoke with the other person and they said the trade window was still open for them and they were unable to close it. After about 30 seconds, whether because of moving farther away from them or just time passing the trade window closed for them, but I still didn't get the money back. We both tried relogging and the money still didn't reappear.

I think as the other player ran past they almost certainly ran far enough away that the trade window should have closed from that alone as I was out in front of the bank and they ran inside or past it to the side.

The character I was transferring from is named Discordant. The other player who had the bugged out trade window is named Freedomfries. I submitted a petition in game on my character Corinna since Discordant apparently has an outstanding petition (I'm not sure about what), but later realized that this is probably a more appropriate place for this sort of issue.

I'm not completely sure about the amount of money as it was not a round number. I know it was 10k and something. Freedomfries said it was around 10.5k (he was able to see the amount in the bugged trade window until it closed).

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