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Bard Kiting

Postby Administrator » Sun Jun 24, 2018 3:46 am

There has been a lot of concern over this the last few weeks and some awkward/confusing enforcement.
I want to document the stance we are trying to enforce. By no means is swarm kiting banned or bannable, it is a very classic mechanic. Swarm kiting is defined by kiting mobs and either charming the pack down or doting the pack down.
The key is understanding the intent of this rule.

I'm not going to put a mob limit on swarm kiting because that's a nightmare to enforce.

Enforcement will be by the general philosophies below:

If you want to kite 20 mobs from a single camp around and kill them that's fine.

However, what you may not do is monopolize a zone. The reasoning behind this is: It makes other people on the server. That want to XP avoid those zones which is unfair to them.

Some examples:

Werewolves in PoN is an acceptable camp to swarm.

All of plane of valor is not.

The entire zone of Overthere is not acceptable.

Swarming the NE corner in Overthere is acceptable.

You can kite anything you want in your raid instance as the XP in those instances is turned down.

Enforcement will be on a case by case basis.
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