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Re: How to noob.

Postby movember » Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:49 pm

Necro pets bash... Shaman pets bash... Get a Tstaff and that's a decent amount of chances to interrupt.
none of those are an option on pulling/FD pulling sir. I played a monk leveling up and FD pulling and wizard nukes would break FD and then boom dead so his concern is valid.
There's a trick for split pulling casters - it takes a little bit for shurikens to hit from time you throw. Throw @ max distance, quickly move behind a pillar/rock/etc. to break LOS, let them run up towards you watching in 3rd person, FD (pray) & pull last straggler.


OP, biggest thing is to just get levels. Once you have 8+ levels on a mob it'll be rare for it to land a spell on you regardless of your gear and with a trio including 2 pets most will be interrupted anyway.

Go to Katta (which has no casters) and you'll find very weak mobs (legos) with almost no HP that give great XP. Kill any that you see in the zone, near the bank is a great spot. At 60 you'll have better resists (inherently) and more HP and casters will matter much less than they do around 50.
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Re: How to noob.

Postby moghedan » Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:07 am

Not trying to be mean but some of this advice is super random if not counter-productive. Did yall read the op? He is having trouble with his monk tank being blown to bits by casters and splitting camps, what in the world is a wiz meant to do to help this.

About mid way down, the post asks for group comp suggestions, of which we gave suggestions based on the available characters.

One of those comps was a pet based group comp that allows for an easier time dealing with nukes, since it wouldn't be players taking the hits.

To your point, however, you will notice the wizard has a line of stun spells that cast faster than ice comet. The necro can Screaming Terror to interrupt casting. The Shaman can cast resist buffs that make the nukes not hurt so much. The Enchanter can chain stun, and I think their nukes have a interrupt casting component. The Necro can fear, feared mobs don't cast. You can move out of the dungeons.
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Re: How to noob.

Postby natewest1987 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:58 pm

Thanks for all the input. Lots of these suggestions I believe will help tremendously.

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