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Titanium Stock Setup

Postby Boragar » Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:49 pm

Stock Titanium Setup Walkthrough
  1. Start with a fresh Titanium Install to a new directory (Example C:\P2002_Titanium).
  2. Do NOT run the game or patcher or you will need to start all over.
  3. Download our required game files [Here].
  4. Extract the files directly to your Titanium Install Folder. They will need to overwrite all files that are prompted for.
  5. The following files must be deleted for some zones to work:
    • arena.eqg
    • arena_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
    • lavastorm.eqg
    • nektulos.eqg
    • Nektulos_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
    • bazaar.eqg
  6. Launch the game by running 1_RunEverquest.bat in your Titanium Install Directory
  7. Check out our patcher for handling future updates. Read more and download [Here].
Important Notes
  1. Use your forum account to create multiple game accounts by clicking on the account button at the top of this page. DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE FORUM ACCOUNTS! Repeat. DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE FORUM ACCOUNTS!
  2. We recommend using Wineq2 if you wish to box. Details on setup found [Here].

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