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Patch Day 12/6/2017

Changes to Server Code and the Database

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Patch Day 12/6/2017

Postby lionel » Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:49 pm

Patch Day 12/6/2017

Please update your client to the new Supplemental Files (v03) -- http://allaclone.p2002.com/patch/tit/spells_us.txt.

  • The /shield command is live for players! Read more about how the mechanics work at http://everquest.wikia.com/wiki/Shield_ ... r_Ability)
  • Zone crash fixes stemming from last week's patch to fix mobs getting stuck under the world.
  • Removed stonewall message when a spell landing doesn't cause feign death to break.
  • More partial resists adjustments.


  • All Inner AC events+ Grimling war scripts

  • Inner AC Release! 4 original Inner AC events and Khati Sha 2.0! Instanced for guilds.
  • Grimling Forest Wars are in!(See news for walkthrough)
  • Gorul Longshanks faction fixed
  • Kithicor Wisps should be less magic immune
  • Tim Deep Raptors should be more kos
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