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FAQ 2.0

Postby Trust » Wed Feb 18, 2015 6:07 pm

How do I create an acccount?
  • Once you have a valid forum account you can visit the account manager. If that Link doesn't work for you, try this link
    *you must be logged in to the forums for this to work*
Where can I get the client to play?
Is this server going to be just like AK?
  • Short answer, Yes and No. Long answer, while expansion releases will be based on a Progression server format, we will fix a number of issues that existed on AK. We plan to have less bugs overall and more completeness to quests for all expansions. You can read about differences in thread this http://p2002.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3459.
What expansions will be open?
  • Classic, Kunark, Velious, Luclin, PoP
What clients can play on this server?
  • Recently the server switched from an old client to Titanium.
Is there a way to change which monitor the client shows on?
  • On Windows, you can use Shift+Windows Key+Left or Right keys. However, if your monitors are running different resolutions this can be buggy.
What is the boxing limit on this server?
  • 3 accounts can be logged on by a single person.
What content is available at launch?
  • All Classic zones, East & West Cabilis , Shar Vahl, Field of Bone, Kurn's Tower, Shadeweavers Thicket, Plane of Knowledge, Plane of Fear and Plane of Sky.
What content has been added since launch?
  • Plane of Hate, the Warrens, the Stonebrunt Mountains, the Hole, the Ruins of Kunark Expansion (Veeshan's Peak included), Scars of Velious Expansion, revamped floor 2 hate, revamped Cazic Thule, Jaggedpine Forest, and Shadows of Luclin Expansion (minus inner AC).
Will there be any Soulbinder in towns?
  • There will be Soulbinders in towns and in PoK
Will the /melody command be available?
  • Melody is now available through Titanium.
Are there going to be any hybrids xp penalties?
  • There will be no class penalties (hybrid penalties, etc.)
    There WILL be race penalties and bonuses (Iksar, Trolls, Halfling, etc.)
What are the ZEMs for the zones, will there be Hotzones?
  • There will be rotating Hotzones, the list of ZEM and Current Hotzones can be found here
Does Multi Questing (MQ) work on this server?
  • Multi-Questing is not currently implemented, except for Velious armor quests.
How will you be adding expansions?
  • We will release each expansion as it is completed as a whole, not parts here and there, with optional zones like the Warrens, Stonebrunt Mountains, the Hole and Jaggedpine Forest being the exceptions.
Can you fix the 1st person Mousewheel Scroll?
  • This feature is now included in the client version we use, so fortunately we have fixed 1st person Mousewheel Scrolling. Use F9 and Insert/Delete to "zoom" behind your character as an additional option
How can I cycle between visible targets?
  • This feature is now included in the client version we use, so a key must be re-bound to your preference.
If I find a bug what do I do?
  • It depends on the bug. If it can be exploited, PM a team member on the forums and do not post it openly. If it is not that kind of bug by all means post in the right category on the forums. If in doubt, use PM only.
Do you get paid for this or make any money?
  • No, and never will. Donations go only to server hosting fees and hardware upgrades. Through donations we recently were able to change the server's colocation for a massive increase in server stability. All of this has been possible through the generosity of our player base.
Can I box a friend or guildmates account/toons?
  • As long as you don't go past the 3 accounts online per person that is is not an issue.
How do I create a guild?
  • Open a Thread in the Petition Subforums with Desired Guildname and the character name of your guildleader
How much damage do I have to inflict on an NPC so my pet does not steal experience?
  • You have to do at least 1 point of damage to the mob to get full experience. If you do not, your pet will steal 50% of the total experience
What is the Exp Rate like?
  • There is a 20% flat bonus to experience, just like on the original Al'Kabor Server
Are there any plans to implement more PvP?
  • At this moment there are no plans of turning this into a PvP server.
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