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Non-Classic Game Features---Master List

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Non-Classic Game Features---Master List

Postby Boragar » Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:12 pm

Please read the below before creating a bug report about the following gameplay changes. The reason these changes have been made below will be explained and justified in the following paragraphs. We are doing our best to make the game more rational/logical in instances where we just /shakeourheads when we see what EQ originally did.

1: Raster of Guk: He does not depop/repop. He is far too rare of a spawn for players to finally get him then have him depop while fighting because the timer is up.

2: Mino slavers are script controlled and do not depop/repop---they are a kill chance for a Mino Lord/Hero.

3: Twilight Armor(Luclin)- I believe this particular task was given to a summer intern. This is the only way I can explain how poorly the quests were done. If you can remember back in Luclin---no one finished these quests. From what I gather the drops are spread throughout 5 zones and there were random name generated creatures(literally hundreds per zone) who had a chance of dropping one of the 600 some drops required for specific pieces of armor. What I have done for my own sanity and yours, I have created 4-5 named mobs per mob type in each of the zones. These mobs have a pre-fix such as "enraged" or "ancient" each of these mobs will drop 4 Twilight marks and 4 Quest pieces per mob. You have a chance at all your quest pieces from these mobs. So as a player you can farm these and actually have a chance at the Twilight armor piece you want.

4: Kael Giants- EQ used a random name generator to create 400+ giants of the same type with different names. I have put in all the special named that are needed for quests and kills, but have not wasted my time putting in the other 300+ giants that are the same mob as the ones already popped.

5: Brother Zephyl/Hasten- 4 hour repop ---there were varying reports of how long these should stay up. I have made a judgement call on it and decided for people doing turn-ins this was the best amount of time.

6: Sleepers Tomb will always stay as version 1.0. If you kill all 4 Warders the Sleeper awakens and Death touches the zones for 4 hours and corpse camps the people that pissed him off. Then he goes back to sleep and the Warders spawn again normally.(At some point in the future we may enable 2.0 for a week after killing the Sleeper...then have it revert back to 1.0 for all the players who are illusion OCD)

7: Legacy items: They are not in game normally----Guises dropped back on server launch event. Every so often GM-events will happen that give you a chance at some of these items. We do not plan on putting broken/OP items in ever--IE Oakwind, ect.

8. Velious boss head turn-ins require ally faction (not max ally, just ally) with the turn in mob (Yelinak, Tormax, Dain.) These turn ins did not quite require ally faction on live (most data points to warmly or kindly) but will always require ally faction here.

9. Our faction scale is slightly different from Live, current faction tables are listed below.

+2300 max ally
1101 and Above Ally
701 to 1100 Warmly
401 to 700 Kindly
101 to 400 Amiably
0 to 100 Indifferently
-100 to -1 Apprehensively
-700 to -101 Dubiously
-999 to -701 Threateningly
-1000 and Below Ready to attack
-3500 max scowl

10. Multi-Quest

The only items on our server that can be Multiquested is the Velious Armors. We do not code in Multi-questing because it fuels RMT and was a bug turned feature in orig EQ.

11. Raid instances for select zones

Zones that will be available for instance content will be: TOV/Sleepers/Ssra/VT/Inner AC(when released)

Instances are for raiding only, ZEMS will be reduced in Instances and no non raid named will spawn in instances....ie Shissar Mystic will not spawn in SSRA instance

Ntov instance will have Doz+minis in it, farm them there...open zone will stay open and I will be monitoring that these spawns stay up
SSRA instance will have comms/insig mobs/ore/elites-----it will not have Special snake named i.e. Mystic/Assassin/Yelwinz ect
We chose this route for SSRA because as you clear to named normally you would incur some key pieces for players and we didn't want to remove that chance.

Gozer the Gatekeeper will port you to your guild instance....he is found at the entrance inside the open zone

Open zone raid targets are off-limits for guilds who have raid instances, these open raid targets are for new up and coming guilds or PUGS----for it to be considered a PUG raid it needs to be posted on the forums open to all of "x" level....I do not want double dippingit will be enforced by 1 week suspensions for character accounts involved

For guilds to be flagged for instances, the guild would need to demonstrate that they can kill the previous tier content at least twice. They they can petition to be added to the instance. Guilds that have been already granted access are our existing Raid Guilds, (BoN, Unity, Tight Underpants and Powerslave).

Disclaimer: Raid instancing was not Boragar's idea, I had to be heavily convinced to allow it by GMs in the other raid guilds. But after their ideas/concerns were brought forth it makes sense to help server growth and allow all players here to experience all the content that can be handled by their respective guilds

We are leaving Kael/Seru/Akheva/Griegs/Acrylia/TheDeep/Skyshrine/Thurg/DN as normal raid zones.....guilds will have to figure out how they want to handle rotations for that content


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Re: Non-Classic Game Features---Master List

Postby rosk0e » Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:26 pm

Good info to know.

Since Raster no longer depops, does this mean the PH doesn't depop either?


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Re: Non-Classic Game Features---Master List

Postby Boragar » Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:26 pm



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Re: Non-Classic Game Features---Master List

Postby Maddpierrot » Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:09 pm

This is a fantastic post-- Thank you!

Should take away some extra headaches for sure


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Re: Non-Classic Game Features---Master List

Postby bucka » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:40 pm

Should this be moved to FAQs?
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