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Project 2002 Server Specific Patcher

Postby Boragar » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:14 pm

Project 2002 Patcher

The Project 2002 team would like to publicly release the server specific patcher. This tool will help ensure your game client is setup correctly and streamline any future file changes that are needed. While the patcher is very helpful it is not required. If your game installation is located in C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\ you will need to run the patcher as admin.

Patcher Download Location


What will the patcher do?
  • Setup a fresh Titanium Install to be fully compatible with Project 2002
  • Ensure a Project 2002 install (Titanium or P2k Installer versions) are fully up to date with all server requirements.
  • Allow for easy launching of a single game client (does not support launching through WinEQ)
  • Map files will be downloaded as a zip that can be unzipped for those who need maps. we will not download them unzipped as we do not want to nuke player modified maps.
What will the patcher NOT do?
  • The patcher will not interact with files outside of the given directory path (Where its being run from).
  • It will not communicate with any site other than the patch site.
  • It will not install any software on your machine
  • It will not continue to run in the background
Below is a list of resources for those who are weary about running any unknown files on their machine.

Patcher on launch
Patching Complete
No Patch Needed
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