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Vanished Items


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Vanished Items

Postby natewest1987 » Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:48 pm

Had several items vanish from my inventory on 1/25/2019 at around 3pm cst. I was trading items from my druid Wyvren to my shadowknight Akheva. Akheva had a full inventory, but I was mostly going to equip items when they transferred over so I wasnt worried about it. I completed the transfer and all items were on the cursor like usual. I began placing them but came across an item that I couldn't place, so I opened back up a trade window with Wyvren to hold that item there. The next item was a large box. I sat the box in my inventory, opened it, placed the next item in the box and tried to cancel the trade. A minute or so went by where I couldn't click on anything. I got a weird message about something in the database synchronizing in yellow text. Another message that said the item was placed on the ground. And then the items that I had successfully placed into my backpack vanished.

The items I can identify as being missing are the large wooden box that was holding it, an ornate breastplate mold, scepter of lightning and a tae ew sheild. Something similar has happened to me previously, and I think those times it worked itself out. But I was transferring random things at the previous time so it was hard at that time to tell that I was missing specific items. This time I am definitely missing the items listed.

also, I did look immediately and no items actually fell to the ground.

I placed a petition in game and messaged Dhampyre in discord. He asked me to log the information here as well. Please contact me on any of my toons.... exodus, wyvren, avatar, akheva


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