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Buff Spells Umbral Plains


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Buff Spells Umbral Plains

Postby doozy » Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:31 am

The last couple days we've noticed that most shaman , druid and enchanter buffs don't refresh.
You have to click off the buff or it will not refresh. When the shaman wants to rebuff the tank before
the buff is completely gone off the tank , the spell casts normally and appears to have landed but the
buff on the tank stays original only a minute or so left.
This happened many times in the last couple days. This can be bad in a lot of ways , if the puller thinks they have a new
SoW and runs off to pull and SoW drops or if the shaman uses all his mana rebuffing the whole group only to find out most
of the buffs didn't refresh it creates a lot of down time.
If the characters click off the buff before the new one is cast , all is fine
We have been in Umbral Plains the whole time so not sure if it is happening elsewhere.

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