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AFK Leveling Prohibited

Postby Trust » Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:42 pm

AFK Leveling Prohibited

Unfortunately due to many recent and not so recent users abusing IP Exemptions and "RDP Boxers" using their means to essentially box more than 3. Staff has decided to prohibit AFK leveling. This means, going forward if you plan on being AFK for more than 10 minutes, you will either need to drop group or /q out. If our staff observes this behavior, both accounts will be actioned. If someone AFK's for more than 10 minutes in your group, kick them from the group until they are back. We have not wanted to do this, but more and more users seem to have their "Significant Others" in other rooms of the house or at work just leeching exp. This essentially turns the group into a 6 boxing group even if the other 3 are just leeches.

Pretty Simple, Plan on going AFK? Making a sammach? No Problem!, Birthing some kids at the pool? No Problem! Heading to Work or leaving the state.... Maybe you should reconsider.

Chunky for being a fat ogre is really stealthy and good at monitoring people, so I wouldn't chance it.

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