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Changelog 02/04/19

Changes to Server Code and the Database

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Changelog 02/04/19

Postby Trust » Sat Feb 02, 2019 5:37 pm

Patch Day 02/04/2019

New format, as I make changes, they will be posted in an "Upcoming Changes" post and when it goes live, it will be edited to reflect the patch date. This allows people to see whats fixed and whats on the way.

Issue #XXXX = Forum bug report or brought up to me in game. If there is an issue number it was submitted via the #issue system.

  • Issue #XXXX - Forage, zone specific change has been increased and adjusted into a rule for easier on the fly adjustments. e.g. Higher chance at zone forages vs global forages.
  • Issue #XXXX - /Split has been disabled while in a raid group. Client will still remove money but if the player zones in decent time, the money will be refunded. Don't /split in raids.
  • Issue #XXXX - Fixed zones that were missing disc level up calls.
  • Issue #1170 - Fixed Exploitable NPC -- Hotfixed
  • Issue #XXXX - Fixed LUA for AD inner door level to outside.
Database Items
  • Issue #XXXX - Stanos Wicked Breastplate combine Fixed -- Hotfixed
  • Issue #XXXX - Rosraks Hauberk of the Primal combine Fixed -- Hotfixed
  • Issue #XXXX - Bidilis Hauberk of the Elusive combine Fixed -- Hotfixed
  • Issue #XXXX - Askr's Thunderous Chainmail combine Fixed -- Hotfixed
  • Issue #XXXX - Timespinner, Blade of the Hunter proc fixed so pets attack as they should.
  • Issue #XXXX - Cape of Endless Torment added FT6
  • Issue #XXXX - Talisman of Tainted Energy now correctly has "Aura of Eternity" worn effect
  • Issue #XXXX - Earring of Influxed Gravity now correctly has "Composure" worn effect
  • Issue #XXXX - Boots of Emblazoned Souls now correctly has "Flowing Thought III" worn effect
  • Issue #XXXX - Spell: Mark of Kings has been corrected from its out of era values - viewtopic.php?f=24&t=5553
  • Issue #XXXX - Timestone Adorned Ring has been corrected to match its original dropped stats from Afterlifes screenshots.
  • Issue #XXXX - Greaves of Furious Might has been corrected to match its original dropped stats.
  • Issue #1271 - Band of Prismatic Focus has been adjusted to match original stats - Image
  • Issue #XXXX - Black Alloy Medallion Added a low chance to drop from a Pickclaw Slayspell per era information.
  • Issue #1228 - Bonecurse now adds the skeleton illusion correctly per era.
  • Issue #XXXX - Leggings of Furious Might has been adjusted to match its original stats - Image
  • Issue #XXXX - Collar of Catastrophe has been adjusted to match its original stats - Image
  • Issue #XXXX - Shroud of Eternity has been adjusted to match its original stats - Image
  • Issue #XXXX - Armguards of the Brute has been adjusted to match its original stats - Image
  • Following Elemental Armor updated to reflect oldest correct information (not datamined, e.g. incomplete armor).
    • Plate Classes:
      • Rizlona's Fiery Bracer
      • Rizlona's Fiery Chestplate
      • Rizlona's Fiery Greaves
      • Rizlona's Fiery Boots
      • Ultor's Bracer of Faith
      • Ultor's Gauntlets of Faith
      • Ultor's Chestguard of Faith
      • Ultor's Greaves of Faith
      • Trydan's Chestplate of Nobility
      • Grimror's Bracer of the Plagues
      • Grimror's Gauntlets of the Plagues
      • Grimror's Guard of the Plagues
      • Grimror's Greaves of the Plagues
      • Raex's Chestplate of Destruction
      • Raex's Boots of Destruction
    • Chain Classes:
      • Bidilis' Hauberk of the Elusive
      • Askr's Thunderous Bracer
      • Askr's Thunderous Helm
      • Askr's Thunderous Armplates
      • Askr's Thunderous Chainmail
      • Askr's Thunderous Boots
      • Rosrak's Hauberk of the Primal
      • Rosrak's Greaves of the Primal
    • Leather Classes:
      • Dumul's Bracer of the Brute
      • Dumul's Chestwraps of the Brute
      • Kerasha's Sylvan Bracer
      • Kerasha's Sylvan Cap
      • Kerasha's Sylvan Sleeves
      • Kerasha's Sylvan Gloves
      • Kerasha's Sylvan Tunic
      • Kerasha's Sylvan Leggings
      • Kerasha's Sylvan Boots
      • Ton Po's Sleeves of Composure
      • Ton Po's Chestwraps of Composure
      • Ton Po's Sandals of Composure
    • Silk Classes:
      • Romar's Circlet of Visions
      • Romar's Gloves of Visions
      • Romar's Robe of Visions
      • Magi`Kot's Robe of Convergence
      • Magi`Kot's Shoes of Convergence
      • Miragul's Bracelet of Risen Souls
      • Miragul's Crown of Risen Souls
      • Miragul's Gloves of Risen Souls
      • Miragul's Shroud of Risen Souls
      • Miragul's Greaves of Risen Souls
      • Miragul's Shoes of Risen Souls
      • Maelin's Skullcap of Lore
      • Maelin's Robe of Lore
      • Maelin's Leggings of Lore
      • Maelin's Shoes of Lore
  • Issue #XXXX - Askr's Thunderous Chainmail now has the correct color for the set.
  • Issue #XXXX - Large Black Fine Plate Helm combine was corrected to use the large fine plate helm as a base.
  • Issue #XXXX - Wu's Fighting Wristbands should now be the correct color
Database NPC/Spells/Misc
  • Issue #1268 - A Cliff Golem will no longer flee
  • Issue #1000 - All Befallen casters are now casting again, beware.
  • Issue #1155 - Advocent Joran in HoHonorA is now properly KoS
  • Issue #1242 - Arbiter Korazhk Fixed mana pool
  • Issue #1236 - a greater anglerfish is now properly Mezable and Snareable.
  • Issue #1176 - General Bragmur is now in the correct location.
  • Issue #1171 - Mercusius Farcloud no longer twitches like a crackhead.
  • Issue #1161 - Abroan Drian is properly KOS now
  • Issue #1112 - a fearsome earthcrafter now correctly casts spells not just his proc, beware.
  • Issue #1143 - Following Wolves have been increased in size:
    • gfaydark - a_coyote
    • gfaydark - a_young_coyote
    • Qeynos Hills - a_gray_wolf
    • South Ro - a_coyote
    • Steamfont - a_small_coyote
    • North Ro - a_coyote
    • Commons - a_puma
    • Lake of Ill Omen - Various Sabertooth cats
  • Issue #1098 - Midnight fixed to use the proper texture
  • Issue #1080 - Guard N`Mar is now on the correct faction
  • Issue #1150 - Eagle Eye buff duration should be fixed.
  • Issue #XXXX - Guardian Kozzalym now has the correct damage range, no more super hard hits.
  • Issue #XXXX - Fixed AD inner door lever DB entry.
  • Issue #XXXX - Illusion: Scaled Wolf will now make you an actual scaled wolf the correct size.
  • Issue #XXXX - The Seventh Hammer has had his spell set adjusted to be more in line with the era.
  • Issue #XXXX - Fixed Beastlord Level 43 and 45 pets that had flipped HP values.
  • Issue #XXXX - Items that cast Pouch of Quellious will now summon a bag with 4 stacks of throwing weapons, all using the same ID so they can be properly used in the ammo slot.
  • Issue #XXXX - Items that cast Bandoleer of Luclin will now summon a bag with 6 stacks of throwing weapons, all using the same ID so they can be properly used in the ammo slot.
  • Issue #XXXX - Items that cast Quiver of Marr will now summon a bag with 6 stacks of throwing weapons, all using the same ID so they can be properly used in the ammo slot.
  • Issue #XXXX - a gnoll high shaman now has the correct model and uses the correct shaman spell set.
  • Issue #XXXX - Avatar_of_Fright now uses the correct skin/texture

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