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Patch 10/1

Changes to Server Code and the Database

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Patch 10/1

Postby Boragar » Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:55 am

Spell file update---run the patcher!

The Plane of Time is open on dev! We will be opening instances for raid guilds on live based on dev testing of content. We are tracking mobs killed and script advancement on dev, if your guild wishes to have an instance opened for Time you must complete the Time events then petition on live. Please post any and all bugs you find! AOES are not blocked in Time FYI, but #heal and #mana should make these events doable.

Festive Halloween POKnowledge added!

* Skele guardian can now see through invis in POvalor.

* Queen Nyalia spawn adjusted

* Essences of Power quest rewards should be fixed

* Large bricks of HQ ore should break down properly now.

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