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Hotfix 7/5/18

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Hotfix 7/5/18

Postby Boragar » Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:59 pm

*Bind sight+memblurr should now be working as per usual.

*AOE taunt should be more reliable now.

* Npc Damage was not clamping at max hit and attack was being added and boosting max hit. This was not apparent in other expansions as it was forgivable. In PoP However it was not and Elemental gods were hitting MUCH higher then they should have been. This max damage has been clamped.

*IVU/IVA ect will now break charm again.

*Warrior and Monk EP armor now has updated final stats. (More coming soon)

*We are aware of AOE rampage hitting the tank right now....we are working on a fix that will stop this from happening....it will be crucial for progression through Timeb. Also we are working on fixing AOE rampage range to be slightly shorter so max max melee wont be hit. It is coming...please be patient.

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