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Patch 6/1

Changes to Server Code and the Database
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Patch 6/1

Postby Administrator » Fri Jun 01, 2018 4:21 am


*The mysterious vendor in plane of innovation will now respawn after the dragon event.

*Cash and tradeskill loot across tier 1 and 2 zones have been adjusted.

*61 shaman pet has been fixed.

*Plane of Justice Trials: Mobs no longer follow players out of trials, lashing invis mobs no longer give xp, trials should now despawn the second they are failed.

*Plane of Justice - aggroed mobs should no longer follow players porting in to trial area

*POValor crawlers are now kos, golems and spiders summon/enrage.

*BOThunder floor 1 earth giants should now drop the correct key parts.

*BOThunder - aggroed mobs should no longer follow players from upper wings to courtyard and from courtyard to entrance


*Changed code that prevented players from dying to low damage attacks - Trust

*Added check for spell pushback to verify if spell was resisted and if target is not immune. - Trust

* Some pathing update code - Trust
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