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Patch Day 11/29/2017

Changes to Server Code and the Database

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Patch Day 11/29/2017

Postby lionel » Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:39 am

Patch Day 11/29/2017

Please update your client to the new Supplemental Files (v03) -- http://allaclone.p2002.com/patch/tit/spells_us.txt.

  • Evac will once again trigger a zone with a South Qeynos message. Will figure out another way to fix the wrong message.
  • Unengaged mobs that fall through the world while roaming will teleport back to their spawn point.
  • Clients should be pushed directions other than north when attacked by mobs.
  • Monks should have a 50% chance to not break feign death when casted on.
  • Started fixing issue where partial resists allowed some DoT spells from clients and mobs to land more often than they should.

  • Grol Baku Warlord Added
  • Sea Dragon Steaks are stackable now
  • Crest of the Fauns quest fixed
  • Guardian of the River FT1 added
  • Spellshield will drop of all the lesser Rhags now


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