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Patch Day 11/7/2017

Changes to Server Code and the Database

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Patch Day 11/7/2017

Postby lionel » Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:17 pm

Patch Day 11/7/2017

Please update your client to the new Supplemental Files (v03) -- http://allaclone.p2002.com/patch/tit/spells_us.txt.

  • Buff slots were not always synchronizing correctly with server. This should be resolved. Dispel magic should work as expected as a result of fix.
  • Resurrecting a player's corpse while player is in zone should clear their aggro if they accept the rezz.
  • Clearing aggro should stop mobs that may be currently casting on target (this should affect evac as well)
  • Lich line of spells should no longer break invis spells.
  • Players zoning in after a player is shrunk/grown should see their correct size.
  • Two players casting a temporary pet such as cleric hammer or wizard sword should not cause both pets to depop.
  • Optimizations for pathing tools to make pathing easier in future.

  • Pathing redone for Cazic Thule. Fixes for Temple of Veeshan. Please continue to #issue problems.
  • Imp mask's fixed from GM event(find Boragar to re-summon/summon)
  • Vex thal---some mobs that shouldn't be paciable were....fixed.
  • Halbred of Destruction: Searing Flames proc no longer goes through walls/floors
  • Cazic Touch will no longer require LOS
  • Touch of Vinitras will no longer require LOS
  • Cleric/Wizard pets fix round #2


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