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Changelog 10/24/17

Changes to Server Code and the Database

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Changelog 10/24/17

Postby Boragar » Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:40 pm

Patch Day 10/24/2017

Please update your client to the new Supplemental Files (v03) -- http://allaclone.p2002.com/patch/tit/spells_us.txt.

  • Some spells like fear won't affect pets if they're flagged as immune (valiant companion effect, for example).
  • Rooted out-of-combat-range caster mobs will now cast spells much more often.
  • Targets in melee range of a mob will have added bonus hate that scales based on max HP of mob.
  • Cancel magic line of spells will now always remove effects in the order they appear in buff window. Junk buffs are now more useful.
  • Significant pathing code changes for zones with path files. Z-Axis assist aggro is lower. Please report any problems.
  • Temporary pets such as cleric hammer and wizard sword should work as intended now (don't become pet of target, attack only target, depop after target dies).

  • Grand Armsmith Korin shouldn't eat unaccepted items anymore.
  • Cursed cycle and other events in instance zones shouldn't interfere with one another.
  • Emperor Ssra script controls added.
  • Human skeleton in Trakanon script is now fixed.

    Lionel, Daeron
  • Tranquil Staff proc should only affect targets up to lvl 55.
  • Veil of Elements should have a fixed duration of 10 minutes.
  • Quick Summoning AA should now affect Call of the Hero.
  • Pathing fixes for Unrest, Upper Guk, Lower Guk, Velketor, Kael. Please report any zone with pathing problems.
  • Mobs in Twilight stuck in trees should now be moving.
  • Roamboxes should be fixed, let us know if there are still issues in FOB/Gfay.
  • Black Reaver's will no longer drop the SK 2.0 epic piece.

    Lionel, Boragar
Future Development
  • Inner Acrylia mobs have all been added
  • Inner Acrylia Witchdoctor ring created
  • Inner Acrylia Foreman's ring created
  • Inner Acrylia Summoners ring created

    Daeron, Boragar

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