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Patch Day 9/20/2017

Changes to Server Code and the Database

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Patch Day 9/20/2017

Postby Boragar » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:08 pm

Patch Day 9/20/2017

Please update your client to the new New Spell file-- http://allaclone.p2002.com/patch/tit/spells_us.txt.

  • Social Aggro changes to begin fix to allow swarm kiting. Please report any non-swarm kiting aggro oddities with #issue.
  • Level differences will affect damage and damage mitigation more significantly.
  • Undead mobs have correct aggro radius again.
  • Remove long lockout from going link dead while zoning.
  • Add special locations in zones where melee can bind (OT, FV, FM, Oasis, NK, FoB). Players can now bind in NK.
  • Fixed issue with some targeted AoE spells not affecting target correctly. This affected a number of dispel traps.
  • Consider color issues associated with leveling should be fixed. Working on fixing respawn consider issues.
  • Players will dismount their horses when entering water. No more jesus equines.
  • Player pets will lock on the target it is told to attack. In absence of a lock target, pet will use its hate list. Pet back will clear hate list and any locked target.
  • Evacuate/Succor spells should not cause "Zoning to South Qeynos" any longer.

  • Necro Demi-Lich Skullcap quest fixes.
  • Newbie armor quest for Ogre Shadowknight implemented.

  • Newbie notes for Erudite Necromancer should be readable. Please use #issue to report any newbie notes not readable.

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