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P2002 Version 3 Details - 8/8/17

Changes to Server Code and the Database

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P2002 Version 3 Details - 8/8/17

Postby Trust » Mon May 29, 2017 12:08 am

Codebase Update (P2002 Version 3)

This patch is scheduled for 8/8/2017, please plan for extended downtime.

Please update your client to the new Supplemental Files (v04) -- Link to V04 Supplemental files.

You will not need any additional downloads for this change. The is a strictly server side change, all of these changes are currently available on the Test Server. As usual if any bugs are found, please report them on the forums, if they are exploitable, please PM a GM or /petition the details.

NOTE: DO NOT IGNORE THIS, WE WILL NOT REIMBURSE YOU ANY LOST AA'S -- Unused AA Cap of 30 Implemented (Era correct for PoP) -- If you have MORE than 30 Unused AA's you WILL lose anything over that cap.

This post may be updated if any additional changes occur.

Code Changes
  • EQEmu Rollup Changes -- See commit log https://github.com/EQEmu/Server/commits/master for all credits.
    • Full Item Serialization Implementation
    • luarocks support added
    • Sneak/Hide Improvements
    • Worldserver Logging Overhaul
    • Map Optimization
    • Bash/Kick stun reworked to match client
    • EQMacEmu's improved stat scaling
    • Implement PVP regions
    • Massive amount of Crash Fixes
    • Mobs that depop at the end of pathgrid will continue to path and depop as intended now
    • Made spellset loading more consistent
    • Better pathing when feared
    • Many new functions added to LUA
    • Tons of Exploit fixes
    • Fizzle Message Colors
    • Combat Revamp
    • Performance/memleak fixes
    • EQStream (Netcode) Revamp
    • Trap fixes
    • Tradeskill Fixes
    • Pet command logic improvements
  • P2002 Specific Code Changes (Previous)
    • Mob Regen is Era accurate
    • FD/Sneak have rules for breaking if a spell is resisted
    • Lua debug logging
    • Deleted Character Backup data (Not necessarily for restores but for RMT monitoring.)
    • Multiquest Support (Only implemented on quests we determine they should be, currently only Velious Armors)
    • Pets and Minions do not persist across zones
    • Bind Sight and Harmony work as era intended
    • Pet Focus work as intended
    • Traders will stop being so trader like if they move
    • Bind code rebuilt to support only one bind location (Removing OoE support)
    • XP Functions completely rebuilt to match our Era code
    • Bards cannot auto equip weapon when holding an instrument
    • Tradeskills can only be completed using Era container (No autocombine)
    • /shield is OoE and disabled
    • Amp no longer stacks
    • Poisons are Era specific style
    • Softcap for resists matches Era
    • Hitbox adjustments
    • No XP from charm pets when they die while charmed
    • Many additional crash fixes
    • Class Trainers will not steal your money or trains for attempting to train above cap (Zone/camp will refund anything they take beyond what they should)
    • Quests reward the correct amount of charges on items
    • Mounts no longer persist on zone
    • DI/DP Buffs act as they should in era
    • Rampage will no longer attempt to attack corpses (Come on they are already dead!)
    • Aggro can no longer go negative and wrap values
    • Bazaar Exploits patched
    • /assist is no longer zonewide
    • Fizzles are Era accurate (Make sure you train those skills!)
    • Invisibility now properly kills all pets
    • Additional lua functions added for complex encounters
    • /target can no longer be used to determine if a mob is up
    • SCM no longer has a double application
    • Finishing blow requires NPC's to be fleeing (Era Correct)
    • Mobs will not trade anyone if they are currently in Combat
    • It is not possible to start sneaking Underwater/lava
    • Manaburn now acts as it did in Era (Max Limit on dmg and debuff on NPC to prevent those fleet of Wizards)
    • Harm Touch is era correct
    • Sync timers of HT/Improved HT/ Leech Touch
    • Vampiric Embrace works as intended
    • Purify Body will no longer remove rez effects
    • Fixed zone crash caused by underwater mob returning bad pointer
    • Master Keys are now working!
    • Rangers will deal double damage against permarooted mobs
    • Eagle Eye/Increases Archery Implemented
    • Innate Warrior Melee Mitigation Removed (Out of Era)
    • Mana burn Crit Blast implemented and is no longer focusable (But will still not pass cap)
    • Elemental Damage cannot bypass bane immunity
  • P2002 Specific Code Changes (New)
    • Group leaders will no longer completely dissolve the group when leaving
    • Fixed Group Leader disbanding while out of zone from causing other zones to crash
    • Raid Looting has been fixed (Default Raid loot is type 4 or All Loot)
    • Triple Attack is now fixed!
    • Flurry will now work as intended (Was dependent on Triple Attack)
    • SeeInvis can now be set to a % of NPC's vs. an All Off or All On setting
    • Shared Plat should no longer Eat Platinum (However it is still NOT shared. We also advise against using the slot)
    • Slay Undead now works 100% as intended in era
    • No Shakerpaging
    • Unused AA Cap of 30 Implemented (Era correct for PoP)
    • Unholy Aura Discipline will no longer boost Shadowknight Life Tap Procs
Quest Updates
  • We have enabled Perl functionality to give us more flexibility with Quest developers.
  • Craft Keepers Armor has been added (QoL Erudin Mag/Enc/Wiz Newbie Armor)
  • Divine Protectors Armor has been added (QoL Erudin Cleric Newbie Armor)
  • All Luclin Zone points have been audited and repaired (Hotfixed)
  • All NPC's have been adjusted to work with the new Combat code.
  • Barodreth Firefingers Has shown up in Erudin to help out newbie Mag/Enc/Wiz with gear.
  • Craft Keepers Assembly Kit Added
  • Twilight Bloom Added
  • Dagger of the Craft Keeper Added
  • Alimaja Shanthun Has shown up in Erudin to help out newbie clerics with gear
  • Divine Protectors Assembly Kit Added
  • Mold for Erudian Helms Added
  • Mold for Erudian Wristguards Added
  • Mold for Erudian Sleeves Added
  • Mold for Erudian Boots Added
  • Mold for Erudian Leggings Added
  • Mold for Erudian Gloves Added
  • Mold for Erudian Chestplates Added
  • Staff of the Divine Protector Added
AA's will have their own "State of the AA" list. so far we are very close to 100% of the aa's working as intended for the era. Everyone needs to thank Thaco for spending WEEKS testing each individual AA to completeness and verifying Era correct information.

As always, we need to thank EQEmu Team for all of their hard work on this amazing project. Without them, we would not be where we are now.
All of the testers for helping ensure so much content is tested prior to release.
The amazing coders and quest writers we have who spend way too much time trying to fix a mob that won't path where they want it to!
And all of the players who make this such a fantastic community to be a part of. Thank you Project 2002
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Re: P2002 Version 3 Details

Postby Trust » Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:43 pm

Additional Patches

Code Updates
  • PEQ
    • Entire LUAMod branch
    • Merchants should no longer change heading when hailed
    • Saylink retrieval much faster (When saylinks implemented)
    • Rules are auto created on server startup if missing
    • Rain type targets will ONLY hit 4 targets (Classic)
    • AESpells optimized
    • AE LOS fixes
    • More Z fixes then I can list (Still not perfect but they tend to recover quicker)
    • Fixes for corpses falling through the ground
    • Fixes for PB AE Spells
    • More Server > Client packet logging
    • Massive Reductions in unnecessary network traffic especially during high spam combat fights
    • HP updates should be more responsive and only update when needed.
    • Animation packet reductions (To prevent spam packets)
    • HP/Mana/Sta updates for group raids when entering-leaving zone
    • Client position updates should be smoother (Granted you have a good connection)
    • Momentary player disappearing should no longer happen.
    • Player Worldserver connect/disconnect logging added
    • More waypoint logging added
  • P2002 Custom
    • NPC Hit rates have been corrected
    • Queryserv Crash resolved
    • Priority Spell structure added to ensure NPC's still cast debuff spells even if the target still has the debuff (Emp as an example)
    • Attack power adjusted to be more in line with era
    • Combat abilities adjusted to be in line with era
    • Classic Item Recharging!
    • Raid: Leader must target npc for /raidinvite (Sorry no more cross entire zone raid invites)
    • Mend Fix should no longer fail at 100
    • Factions should work correctly when in illusions now
    • Corpse Restoring should no longer need to be a manual process (Corpses only stored for 30 days)
    • Group leader disband crash fixed for reals this time
    • Targeted AoE fix (Number of targets)
    • Trap Overhaul
    • Added ability to adjust on the fly the pet push amounts to ensure they are in line with player push
    • Pets will now use their masters resists
    • Pets are uncharmable and will no longer poof when charmed
    • Guild Management Enabled
    • Maps Enabled All Zones
    • Bank Expansion Enabled
Quest Updates
  • Akanon - Lobal Postugger Fixed
  • Shadowhaven - Flavor text added to many npc's
  • Trooper Scale Armor - Revamp
  • Stonebrunt Revamp - All broken quests are working now
  • Proudfoot Armor - Fixed Dialog and added comments
  • Mechanical Net Delivery - Fixed
  • Velium Retrieval - Revamped
  • Enchanger Epic - Cleaned up any errors
  • Gleed's Bow - Fixed Reward
  • Shaman Epic - Fixed High Scale errors
  • Shadow Knight Epic - Fixed Mark Kastane Spawn
  • Kyla Frostbeard - Mage Thurg Armor - Fixed Dialog
  • Coldain Military Wristguard - Revamped
  • TOFS - Added keyring check
  • Teneborous - Fixed A_Coterie_General and removed unused files
  • VT - All Split mobs have been added
  • VT - All Warders have been added
  • VT - Depop timers for appropriate mobs added
  • VT - AHR Triggers Added
  • VT - Traps added
  • VT - Respawn triggers added
  • Kael Plate trigger revamped to use globals so a zone crash/reboot will not break it
  • Kael - Vindi will call/assist temple guardians as expected
  • Kael - Globals added for Idol/AoW fight so zone crashes/reboots will not break the event.
  • SSRA - Globals added for Arch Lich/Rhag fight so zone crashes/reboots will not break the event.
  • Iksar Shaman Skull quests have been COMPLETELY re-writen from the ground up. Please talk to the Shaman Quest #1 NPC to flag your toon if you are already mid way through the quest line. If you do NOT do this you can lose your progress and be forced to start over.
  • POM - Theater Script V1 Added
  • POM - Bristlebane Event added
  • POM - Puppets added to theater script
  • POM - Audience members added to event
  • POM - Nerzuz script added
  • POM - Posie script fixed
  • POM - Lithiniath/Pinky scripts added
  • POM - Bob the painter/Peachy Dvicci/Vinny DVicci added
  • POM - Unicorn quest updated
  • POM - Dancing Sphinx added (yes, the macarana)
  • POM - Rissa Script fixed
  • POM - Treasure Chest event added
  • Freeport - Note for Janam fixed
  • Aknon - Bozinite Pestle - Fixed missing dialog
  • Feerrott - The crude bone altar - Fixed
  • Cleric Epic - Added the ability to hand the Pearlescent Seal (Item given when you first spawn Zordak Ragefire) back to the warder who will return the Seal and Zordak's Box of Bindings incase you wipe on Zordak.
  • Air Tight Box - Added Turquoise reward.
  • Steel Warrior Initiation - Extended the depop timer and added notes.
  • Heretic Heads - Fixed Rates for items - 20% for Swiftclaw - 40% for headband and 40% for nothing.
  • Friend of the Tunarean Court - Updated and added notes.
  • Ulthork Tusks - Cleaned up and added notes.
  • Kelorek's Scales - Cleaned up and added notes.
  • Wenglawks the Traitor - Cleaned up and added notes.
  • Storm Giant Toes to Sentry Kcor - Added quest and flavor text.
  • The Grammar Manual - Cleaned up and noted.
  • Human Monk noob Update - Cleaned up and corrected text trigger.
  • Added flavor text per bug report to A_Putrid_Skeleton
  • Captain Nalot's Triple Strength Rum - Most of the quest was not in game as well as some items.
  • Lendiniara the Keeper - Minor text fix
  • Hsagra's Wrath - Cleaned up and added missing text
  • Overthere - Revamp to Greenmist (Alchemist Granika)
  • eastwastes - revamp to Warden Bruke script for guard spawns
  • Fixed quests that have e.other,e.self transposed in their logic for eq.get_qglobal
  • Sentry Emil's Reports revamp (Dolvaks Reports)
  • Spirit of Garzicor questline added
  • Kerafyrm - ST warder check event script added
  • adjust z-axis on shissar wraith spawns
  • Acrylia - Ring of Fire is Ready for Testing!
  • Jaled Dar's shade lore emotes added
  • Thurg - minor fixes to broken scripts
  • Frogloks are disabled through banishment
  • Zone Updates - Mostly cleanup and fixing errors.
    • Akanon
    • Bazaar
    • Befallen
    • Beholder
    • Burning Wood
    • Butcherblock
    • CabEast
    • Cauldron
    • Charasis
    • Chardok
    • CoM
    • Cobalt Scar
    • Commonlands
    • Crushbone
    • CSHome
    • Dalnir
    • Dreadlands
    • Droga
    • East Karana
    • East Wastes
  • Saylinks added to the following zones
    • All Pre Planes of Power Zones Completed!

Quest Updates: Daeron and Trust
Code Updates: Rioisk, Pinedepain, Trust and Thaco
Database: Boragar and Daeron
PEQ Updates: Akkadius, Mackal, KimLS, Paul Coene, Natedog2012, Kinglykrab and N0ctrnl


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Re: P2002 Version 3 Details - 8/8/17

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Re: P2002 Version 3 Details - 8/8/17

Postby Boragar » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:48 pm

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