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Patch Day 3/3/2018

Changes to Server Code and the Database
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Patch Day 3/3/2018

Postby Administrator » Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:55 am

Patch Day 3/3/2018

  • Illusions will now send the correct appliance and size packets to other people in the zone (this also applies to shrink)
  • Applied the eqemu heading patch. This patch changes the way heading is sent to the client and effects PC push from NPCs and PC push to NPC's. All mobs have been updated but if you see a mob facing the wrong way please report it with #issue
  • /tar was allowing unlimited range along the z axis. This has been fixed to 40 units. Unlimited z axis targeting was allowing unintended pulling
  • Rewrote how mob AI works using eqemu's recent work as an inspiration. Raid mobs now have a priority spell list that allows them to spam the priority spells before all over AI checks are made. An example of how this will effect players is: Emp Ssra will now cast is nuke on time every time. the same goes for dragon fears.
  • Taunt and AE Taunt adjustments.

  • Fixed "a vs an" in the Instance text.
  • Fixed Saylink Error in length limit - Shwara_Volerno
  • Fixed Saylink Error in length limit - Sadorno_Chomosh
  • Fixed Saylink Error in Gavel_the_Temperant
  • Update item return script to fix zero charge items being returned with full charges
  • vexthal - warder script updates

    Trust, Cocain
  • Vexthall named are now tethered. Except for the mini bosses.
  • Temple of Cazic thule has had a number of spawn and loot issues fixed.

Pet pulling from above/below you on the Z-axis is considered an exploit don't do it. Along the x/y axis is fine.
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