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Patch 1/27/18

Changes to Server Code and the Database

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Patch 1/27/18

Postby Trust » Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:39 am

Patch Day 1/26/2018

* Slay undead has been modified the slay rate has been adjusted to add the the critical conversion chance.
* Slay undead damage now has its modifier applied for damages scaling.
* Holyforge should now work. While under holyforge all crits to undead mobs are converted to Slays. There is also a critical hit boost.
* Thanks to Alcandre for helping with this.

* Frenzy burnout pets should now flurry

* You can no longer ride your mount as a fake corpse. (Casting a horse will break FD) - Thanks Crius for reporting this

* Casting spells on yourself will no longer cause Melee push. This was causing items like mana robe to interrupt there own casting.
* 2hb animation fixed

Mob AI:
* Some people were reporting that mobs were choosing to dispel too often. It did seem a bit excessive so i turned it down some.
* Mobs will only cast spells up to their current level.


  • Custom Helm npc in sky shrine will no longer eat items.
  • Fixed bug in necro 5th skull cap
  • Ring ten had a chance to spawn double Narandi this is now fixed.
  • Cargo Clockwork has been fixed

  • Umbral Planes mobs have had regen lowered
  • Bard song duration has been fixed songs will last the correct duration now (Thanks Tollen)
  • Velium brick fails should now return the chisel
  • an ancient lightcrawler faction fixed
  • Correct rough hide bracer added to summoning beasties

    Lionel, Boragar

Future Development

Current state of PoP Development is listed in the pic below.....we are getting close! Guilds please feel free to begin testing raid content on all zones listed in solid green.
Daeron, Boragar
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Re: Patch 1/27/17

Postby Boragar » Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:50 am


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