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<Tight Underpants> The EU-based raiding guild

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<Tight Underpants> The EU-based raiding guild

Postby Iance » Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:07 pm

Raiding late is just not an option for everyone, and we want to give Europeans and other early risers the chance to raid and develop their characters without having to stay up late or play all night.

Who Can Apply?

People 50+ who are interested in raiding. A certain level of self sufficiency is required, don't expect us to drop everything to gear, key or level you. We use discord for voice communication, being on voice chat is required for raids. There might be additional requirements you should meet for a successful application, this can include key AAs like for example Spell Casting Subtlety or gear requirements like meeting certain Resist Thresholds. Contact us for more information.


There will be a zero tolerance policy regarding the exploiting of bugs, if you find a bug, report it. Don't complain about it, or try to use it to your advantage.

Toxic behavior, in game of on the forums, will not be tolerated. Treat other players with respect and resolve your issues like adults. In short: Try to be a dedicated and contributing member both to the guild and the P2002 community. Ask not what the guild/server can do for you - ask what you can do for the guild/server.


Target raid time is around 17:00 to 22:00 CET on weekdays, and maybe a little longer on the weekend. Many of us work shifts, so play time varies and there will be no set raid days. Instead, members are required to fill out a raid calendar each week to pin down the dates that work best for everyone.

Loot will be handled by a guild council for now, the loot system will be as transparent as possible, and a list of all loot given out on raids will be available on our discord. New Apps will be allowed to earn loot, but regular members will have priority during the App period (3 weeks).

App period:

This is your time to show us how often you can raid, how well you play your character(s) and how well you mesh with the existing members. After three weeks members will vote on your application and if all goes well you will be promoted to full member. Good Luck!

Current Target List

Epic Quests, Dozekar and HoT Minis, Lord Inquisitor Seru, Ssraeshza Temple, Luclin Content, Tier 1-2 PoP Content, PoP flagging (PoJ Trials, BoT Access, etc.)

If you are interested in joining, come visit us on our Discord server:

[65 Maestro] Epic (Wood Elf) <Tight Underpants>
[65 Arcanist] Famous (Gnome) <Tight Underpants>
[65 Forest Stalker] Finto (Halfling) <Tight Underpants>


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Re: <Tight Underpants> The EU-based raiding guild

Postby landael » Fri Dec 28, 2018 7:46 pm


Currently we are doing raid targets with very low numbers, looking to increase our numbers with others that like that kind of challange. Currently killing VZ, TT, XTC, Cursed, Seru depending on numbers (3-5 irl people mostly) and some smaller targets in between. Would love to get another few people to be able to run afew more raids a week for the smaller targets and to get our DKP system running that is in the works =)

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