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<The Honey Squad>

Guilds recruiting players.

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<The Honey Squad>

Postby Fresita » Wed Jun 28, 2017 2:26 pm

The Honey Squad!


The Honey Squad is recruiting! We are a group of gamers that have been playing a variety of MMORPG's for over 15 years. Every game we've gone into we strive for excellence. Since stumbling across the p2002 server we were sold! Re-living the golden era of Everquest and shooting to be a top and competitive guild in the server has been our ultimate goal!

We need a few more spots filled in our ranks!

We are currently farming ToV: Halls of Testing and random world bosses and rares on a set schedule to get our members the adequate gear to start pushing higher end content in Velious and Luclin. Currently set on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8pm-11:30pm EST *sometimes we push a little longer if everyone decides to stay but its not mandatory. We also do other random pop-ups during the week.

We understand that RL comes first so we dont think of ourselves as a hardcore / batphoning guild. What we do know is that we kick ass :)

Swing by our official website and apply if you meet the following requirements:

1- You can make 1 of our weekly farming raids. MON &or WED 8pm - 1130pm EST
2- 1 Minimum Lvl 55 toon ( you are not required to 3 box to join us as we understand some people dislike this)
3- You have voice chat accessibility. *We use discord
4- You have a good attitude and are willing to take constructive criticism.
5- Wanna kick some internet dragon ass!

Primary in game contacts:

cheers and have a great day!

Fresita <3

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