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LF Guild Also

Players looking for a guild.

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LF Guild Also

Postby Gordlad » Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:36 am

I guess I will add my name into the hat also. My monk is my main but I have extensive experience as a raiding shaman also. My EQ time goes back to Oct 99 shortly after the game released. I played it up through GoD straight and then I think I came back for one or two expansions after that. I played on Prexus server and was in Stasis, Nameless Order and then Shining Alliance. I was an officer and raid leader on my Monk for several years in Shining Alliance. I was also one of the main pullers for our raids. I look forward to raiding again but don't plan to get as hard core into raiding as I once was mainly because my body can't handle staying up all night and then getting up after only a couple of hours sleep to go to work the next day and doing that several times a week. :roll:

As for my personal life, I am well past 18, I actually have kids that are well past 18 if that tells you anything. I play on EST time and am on pretty much every evening for at least a few hours.

All three of my main trio listed in my signature should be 50 by this weekend. They are 49, 49, and 48 currently. Shoot me a PM or a tell in game. If I don't respond right away in game it's because I am an idiot and don't always catch the tells right away. Feel free to spam me lol.
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