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Father / Son - Duo Ideas?

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Father / Son - Duo Ideas?

Postby Jaldu » Sat Mar 23, 2019 12:36 pm

Hey there,

I have been playing P99 a long time.. and as my son is about to turn 9.

I thought I'd like to bring him along on an "Everquest" of sorts. Thing is, IP exemptions are not entirely timely (over that way). I was talking with someone who plays P2002 last night on P99 and found about this place (first I've heard of it).

I downloaded the client and was logged in within minutes (Great Job)!

In all fairness, I am not the biggest fan of the updated character models, but oh well. He might like them :)

So I have a couple questions as a soon to be (hopefully) new player (or two).

1.) Are IP exemptions difficult to get?
2.) If not, I'd like to get P2002 setup on his computer today so we can begin.. how long should I expect to wait for an IP exemption?
3.) And finally. I quit playing EQ around POP, and by that time had already strayed for months at a time. P99 is way more my Jam (as far as game knowledge, era I played) - that being said; I think it will be a lot of fun to have a new experience... with my little man in tow.

Here's the million dollar question: With AA's, etc. Can I get some duo ideas? I want him to play something that isn't terribly complicated? Some thoughts I have are: Paladin / Paladin? Monk / Sham? Rogue / Rouge (to better to sneak with)? Ench / Wiz ? - I just have "no" idea how AA's pan out (I've never used them)… I could really use some advice here...

He's a smart kid. And I'm sure I can get him up to speed...

Thanks so much!


Oh, and as a bonus questions: UI Mods? Is there one like Duxa (from P99) that everyone tends to gravitate towards? The easier I setup the UI the more fun it'll be for both of us :)


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Re: Father / Son - Duo Ideas?

Postby Sunbeam » Sat Mar 23, 2019 2:37 pm


You know, I think in your shoes I'd box, and let my son just play one character.

And I'd suggest a Necro.

That class can do an awful lot. He may or may not like the game, and may or may not like boxing. But if he ever wants to play on his own when You are not available then he can easily do it.

Offhand, I'd pair a Shaman and Druid with the necro. Then a melee class.

You could also have him box a Bard with his necro. You can use it to pull (may be easier than with necro in a lot of cases), or just have it play mana/regen song.

Guess you could also have him box a cleric that really just rezzes/hp buffs.

So him: Necro/Bard/Cleric

You: Shaman/Druid/then either Paladin or Warrior.

Just a thought.

Be an easy way to get him into playing. If he really likes it, he may be schooling you on boxing in a few months. But he could concentrate on the necro while learning the game, and your crew could port him around, give him regen, and the like.

Of course, I've always been one that loved having a necro in the group, so maybe I'm biased. That is a lot of DOT power too.


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Re: Father / Son - Duo Ideas?

Postby Erleichda » Sat Mar 23, 2019 5:04 pm

If by duo you mean two characters you won't need an IP exemption to get started. Up to three accounts online are allowed per person, so the system won't have any problem with two characters logging in from the same IP until the exemption goes through.

If you want to tank stuff with two characters, a shaman+melee or beastlord+healer is pretty much the way to go, as you need something to slow, tank and heal. If you're open to kiting things any two classes that are typically viable for kiting will combine into a pretty efficient killing duo. I'm partial to bard/wiz, but any pair from bard/druid/shaman/wiz/mage/necro would do pretty well. If you're both going to play single characters it would be a good choice for one of you to pick something that can pull well since that's really helpful when you group with someone three boxing, but lots of classes can do that (lull spells work well here and any class that can root or CC also does fine).

The /melody command here automates twisting for bards and makes them a lot easier. Same for /autofire and rangers later on. Monks are at a real low point powerwise in this era. Rogue/Rogue is not gonna work out well.

I wouldn't sweat AA too much. They're a significant overall power boost, but I think rangers are the only class whose gameplay is dramatically altered by them.

You are correct to dislike the luclin character models. They can be disabled by choosing 'options' at the login screen which will open up a mini app that edits the eqclient.ini file, or just going in there and changing them yourself.


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Re: Father / Son - Duo Ideas?

Postby Chunky » Sat Mar 23, 2019 5:59 pm

Ip exemptions are fairly easy to obtain just make a request in the petition section on the forums and I will take care of it as soon as I see it posted. we only require ip exemption if more then three chars are going to be online from the same household at a time IE 2 people playing one playing 3 chars and 1 playing one etc. Welcome to the server and feel free to pop into the P2002 discord and say hello, if you have any questions or issues feel free to PM me on the discord and I will respond as soon as I can.


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Re: Father / Son - Duo Ideas?

Postby kronikax » Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:23 am

Welcome to the server! I wouldn't worry about AA's at this point. Wait and see if you get to that point first. And if you do, all of the classes have something nice to look forward to.

Since you're son is relatively young and you're looking for something relatively simple, I'd avoid classes like Enchanter, Necro, and Bard as first classes. Those classes are very powerful and versatile, but can be pretty intimidating and are also pretty fragile. On the other hand, a relatively passive class might also be a poor choice as he'd just get bored (or not, you know your son best) - so classes like Cleric and Wizard are out. I think a hybrid is a great choice for someone so young who is also new to the game, as the melee side of the class means he is guaranteed to have something to do every fight while the caster side means he still has spells to keep things interesting. So classes like Paladin, Beastlord, Ranger, or Shadowknight are all great choices. The Beastlord in particular is especially nice since he can contribute a lot even just by sending in the pet while he gets more comfortable with the rest of the class. If none of those classes sound good, then I think other solid options are Mage, Monk, and (to a lesser extent) Rogue. In general, I recommend just asking him what he thinks sounds the most fun and going with that. If he gets really excited at the idea of being a kung fu master, have him go Monk. If he wants to be a holy knight, go Paladin. He wants to be sneaky? Rogue. At the end of the day, if he's excited at the story of his character, it'll help him enjoy the game even more.

Once your son has chosen his class, you can select yours to match his. In general, Shaman will synergize the best with any of the above choices. Specifically, possible combinations that will definitely be strong are:

MAG/SHD (fear-kiting)
MAG/MAG (wildcard!)
ROG/SHM (you tank as shaman with slow, heals, and dots - he backstabs)

But really, I just hope you have a great time playing here with your son. At the end of the day, if you guys have a blast playing a warrior and a wizard, then that's all that really counts :) One last thing, don't be intimidated about picking a melee class on this server. There are really solid melee weapons that are cheap or given away on a daily basis - so no need to use rusty weapons for the first 20 levels!


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Re: Father / Son - Duo Ideas?

Postby Rhaa » Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:23 am

BST for your son should be perfect. He will have a pet!!!! End of discussion ;))

Seriously: He will not get bored and will get the chance to solo as well.

For your Setup:

PAL, DRU, MAG - You are missing Slow to solo-box, but you would add Tanking, Healing and Damage to your complete Group. If you don't want to rely on your Son being online with you all the time:

SK, WIZ, SHA - you will have great solo abilities and your son could join any time you he wants.
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