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Would you like to see content expanded to a specific expansion?

Poll ended at Tue Feb 19, 2019 12:20 pm

The Legacy of Ykesha
Lost Dungeons of Norrath
Gates of Discord
Omens of War
Hell No, Leave the content alone!
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Re: Future Content?

Postby Trust » Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:58 am

The frog xpac and LDON were basically just add-ons to PoP.
This is how they seem to me, which is why I didn't mind voting for them as an alternative stopping place for a PoP-era server. I also think the LDoN content is amazing for small groups which is good given the low server pop. I always imagined those instances would be quite difficult to implement though.
Instances are not the difficult part, it is the fact that we would have to touch every item to add the required aug slots, but very doable.


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Re: Future Content?

Postby Iance » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:19 am

I would've always preferred to stop at LoY, personally.

I thought frogs were pretty awesome, but I didn't like the lazy implementation of them taking over Grobb, and everything that it entailed with trolls being forced out and the changes to starter cities and starter areas that resulted. Of course there's those people who will run around like a damn Christmas tree, or in all pink with the armor dye system, which I always found kind of immersion breaking, but to each their own.

Apart from that I was/am very pro LoY. The expansion brought a lot of great QoL improvements and also completed the development of Odus which started with the release of Warrens and Stonebrunt. The way in which it was released (small content update instead of a large expansion) was basically experimental, and the fact that they never released another expansion in that fashion really speaks for itself. At the time it seemed like a cash grab to sell people QoL features that should have been in the game for free at that point.

LDoN, though I really enjoyed it when it came out as I was playing with 1-2 friend most of the time, I think was a very bad design decision by Sony. Apart from the augment system, I really don't have much positive to say. It was an OK expansion if all you wanted to do is run the same instances over and over again with a small group of people, but really put an end to grouping as we knew it.

The raid content was terrible, and itemization with adventure points kind of forced/funneled people into instancing all day long instead of exping in PoP. While instancing made a lot of sense in PoP with the Plane of Time, the way LDoN implemented it really for dungeons really ruined them. I also disliked the fact that you had to run through (sometimes) multiple zones to get to your dungeon, and the ridiculous difference in difficulty between the different adventure camps. All in all, it was very poor design and just seemed too random to me.

GoD was very bad, the flagging system was a major pain in the ass and content was unfinished. It basically repeated all the bad design (flagging) of PoP and put a magnifying glass on it.

If I had to rank the stopping points for a server it would be:


It's only natural that people hit a ceiling and want to progress, PoP is really sub par unless you are playing in a dedicated raid guild, but if we are being absolutely honest this didn't really get better until OoW.

You also have to understand that this server's vision was to get to PoP and then work on making the server the best it could be for this era, since there was no more rush to bring out new content, I totally understand that the Devs want to stick to that plan for the time being.

This isn't a big surprise either, so if you somehow feel surprised about not being able to continue progression, you should have thought twice about rolling on this server. I mean it is right there on the Start Page. What is pretty unacceptable is the attitude of some people here, who act like entitled children. You know who you are.

Look at it from a dev standpoint. This stuff takes a lot of work, and the bug forums are full of stuff that could really use some attention. I think that should be the focus for a while, now that Plane of Time is released. Which to be honest only happened so early because of pressure from people rushing through content.
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Re: Future Content?

Postby kronspik » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:36 am

I definitely see the argument that LDoN ruins non-instanced grouping, but we already implemented raid instances. It's not that big of a leap in how the server functions. Yes, you don't always group in those raid instances (though sometimes it has uses), but still. I guess it's the most disruptive change to PoP without adding any raid content.

Stopping at GoD makes absolutely no sense to me. That shouldn't even be an option in the poll. GoD and OoW are intricately linked expansions.

So yeah, stop at LoY or OoW.
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Re: Future Content?

Postby Vashen » Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:27 pm

Look at it from a dev standpoint. This stuff takes a lot of work, and the bug forums are full of stuff that could really use some attention. I think that should be the focus for a while, now that Plane of Time is released. Which to be honest only happened so early because of pressure from people rushing through content.
Who pressured for time to be released?


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Re: Future Content?

Postby psyanyde » Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:01 pm

I’m pleased that this is even an option being discussed. I personally would love to see it one day go to OoW but I’ll be pretty happy with LoY. If we get LoY, P2002 would have the same content as Agnarr, just time appropriate difficulty.
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Re: Future Content?

Postby Migs » Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:03 pm

OoW was by far my FAVORITE expansion. It took the best parts of LDoN dynamic content and static content of normal zones and threw them together really nicely. Epic 1.5/2.0, level cap increase, Leadership AA's, HoTT, and Anguish raids were pretty awesome as well.

I would honestly be fine with any content increase really, LoY adds dyes(Thank god), LDoN adds augs and some "dynamic" content, GoD adds some nice end game content and some decent AAs, but OoW holds a special place in my heart and gets my vote for sure.


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Re: Future Content?

Postby eldarian » Tue Jan 22, 2019 3:51 pm

i always have had fun working on Epic 2.0s that was a blast.


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Re: Future Content?

Postby diggy » Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:26 am

I definitely see the argument that LDoN ruins non-instanced grouping
As far as I recall, ldon group instance xp was slow and horrible - you only did it to collect points for a few of the augs (weapon proc) / spells (pack shrew) or to max out that ldon charm aug.
I dont think ppl will stop grouping in non instanced zones due to this.
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Re: Future Content?

Postby Singhagold » Sat Feb 02, 2019 1:40 am

I would take just the Abysmal Sea zone so all the vendors in PoK actually have the items shown on most tradeskill sites. That and Veksar. Everything else I would take or leave it. Had fun in most of those expansions but i'd give it all up for an accurate vendor item list. Abysmal Sea was a very nice tradeskill spot and Veksar was prolly the most fun I ever had in a zone as a necro.

All that being said, think most have it right in that Omens of War is prolly best if looking to add content for most people.


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Re: Future Content?

Postby Twilight2023 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 6:47 am

Slowly moving to OOW is a great idea, new levels improved graphics, epic 1.5.... Really wish this server was advertised better it seems most people find out about p2002 by accident. Larger population would be nice.

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