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Reminder regarding rules

Postby Taian » Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:06 pm

Sad that we have to even say this, but with the recent influx of players, with many who can't follow basic rules, here we are. Before you start playing, make sure and read the RULES. We are done cutting people slack because they can't take 10 minutes before playing to read and then end up breaking obvious rules that are posted all over the place. People caught intentionally 4+ boxing will no longer be receiving the measly 3-7 days we were giving out before, but most likely 30 day minimum suspensions and/or bans. Just don't do it!

Automation is also a permanent ban, one of the few things we won't even consider allowing someone back for.

Any questions feel free to ask a staff member via PM on forums, discord or in game tells.
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