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PoP Era Style NPC Casino in SH

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Would you be in Favor of a Casino in Shadowhaven

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Re: PoP Era Style NPC Casino in SH

Postby blooberry756 » Fri Mar 23, 2018 5:00 pm

No Poll needed. Staff, after reviewing mogs PHD level explanation, have come to the decision to take all money from the 1%'s and redistribute this wealth among all the new toons so they can buy all those items they have dreamed of. Don't worry vegeta, you aren't anywhere close to the 1% so your money is safe.

sarcasm for those who can't detect it!
In that case, i'd like to sign up for all the new welfare programs that provide:
  • Epic weapons on-demand: ask and ye shall receive!
  • Basic minimum income: 1000p per day, just because i'm alive and live in Norrath
  • Student loan forgiveness: I had to pay 250,000 plat to go to school outside of Norrath to get a PhD in Art History of Norrath. Nobody will hire me for some reason.
sarcasm for those who can't detect it! (shamelessly 'stolen' from Taian, as down-payment on my new benefits)


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Re: PoP Era Style NPC Casino in SH

Postby fourleaf » Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:12 pm

Chkd out SH today & still no casino whatever happened to this plan?

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