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Raid encounters include those mobs which either require a substantial force to kill (e.g. gods and dragons) or are long respawn targets killed for a specific purpose other than exp (e.g. Sir Lucan). They are often the boss, or one of several bosses, of a particular zone. At the bottom is all mobs in the "Raid Encounters" category. Here is a list, by era, in approximate order of increasing difficulty within each subcategory.

Old World Kunark Velious Velious... Velious... Luclin

Plane of Sky


Planes of Hate/Fear

Chardok Royals


Veeshan's Peak


Giants and Gods:

ToV West Wing:

ToV: Halls of Testing (East)

ToV: North

Sleeper's Tomb

Katta Castellum

Acrylia Caverns

Grieg's End

Umbral Plains

Akheva Ruins

The Deep

Ssraeshza Temple

Sanctus Seru

Vex Thal

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