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Guild Instances and Pug Raid Rules

Postby Boragar » Tue Dec 26, 2017 10:13 pm

Instances are for raiding only, ZEMS will be reduced in Instances and no non raid named will spawn in instances....ie Shissar Mystic will not spawn in SSRA instance

Zones that will be available for instance content will be: TOV/Sleepers/Ssra/VT/Inner AC/Seru Inner Arx

Gozer the Gatekeeper will port you to your guild instance....he is found at the entrance inside the open zone

Open zone raid targets are off-limits for guilds who have raid instances, these open raid targets are for new up and coming guilds or PUGS----for it to be considered a PUG raid it needs to be posted on the forums open to all of "x" level....I do not want double dipping it will be enforced by 1 week suspensions for character accounts involved.

We are leaving Kael/Akheva/Griegs/Acrylia/TheDeep/Skyshrine/Thurg/DN as normal raid zones.....guilds will have to figure out how they want to handle rotations for that content

Guildjumping has a 1 week lockout period for that toon

Guilds instances are only created by GMs, thus it will have to be an established guild to get an instance....and its pretty easy to track accounts

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