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Changelog 01/10

Changes to Server Code and the Database

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Changelog 01/10

Postby Trust » Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:19 pm

Patch Day 01/10/2017

This patch requires everyone to download a new spells file -- Link to V02 Supplemental files.

Quest Changes
  • Minor tweaks to Ring War [Kalaylus]
    • Dwarves now take longer to get ready, so will not respond to commands until giant assault begins
    • Giants outside of Thurgadin will now return to Kael when the inhabitants of the city return
  • Fixed FM Cycle spawn from spawning underground [Boragar]
  • Zoning to PoSky from VP will correctly strip buffs [Kalaylus]
  • Hsagra's Wrath quest has been fixed [Kalaylus]
  • Hero Goxnok for Greenmist quest has been fixed [Kalaylus]
  • Warden Bruke's guards have had a stern talking to about sleeping on the job [Kalaylus]
  • The inspector for the first qeynos badge quest should respawn correctly [Kalaylus]
  • Lord Rak'Ashiir will again accept a child's tear from those he deems worthy of beating him up [Kalaylus]
  • West TOV quests have been fixed [Kalaylus]
  • Ring of Fearin CT has been completely overhauled to resemble eqlive version much more closely [Kalaylus]
    • Encounter is now a shorter, faster-paced ~50 minute event
    • Warders have been given the power to banish intruders - choose your path widely
    • New mobs, new timing, new spawn mechanics implemented

As always, a huge thanks to all the testers, with special thanks to Thaco!

Database Changes
  • Dev now updates every 24 hours with live character data. [Trust]
  • Foraging no longer yields twice as many global items [Trust/Taian]
  • Removed incorrect Loot Table from A_Pixie_Trickers in GFayDark [Trust]
  • Fixed Elemental Illusions for Spells, Items and Pets. [Trust]
  • Upped drop rate of Essence of Shadow [Boragar]
  • Fixed Trak's touch to drop hate [Boragar]
  • Fixed Dain's Justice to drop hate [Boragar]
  • Added Korucust`s_Courier to Chardok [Boragar]
  • Fixed some mobs in POHATE Floor 2 [Boragar]
  • Added a_goblin_soothsayer to droga [Boragar]
  • Beastlord Class Specific Disciplines are fixed [Trust]
  • Crown of Elemental Mastery - is no longer stackable [Boragar]
  • Cobalt Vambraces - Click Level has been corrected [Boragar]
  • North Karana - Highland Lion - HQ Lion Skin - Drop rate slightly increased [Boragar]
  • Bard Offense skill upped to correct amount at level 60+ [Taian/Boragar]
  • Fixed all right click spells showing as "Unknown DB String" - This will require everyone to download a new spells file. See link. [Trust] -- Link to new spells file --
  • Added 20 spawns to SK and 2 statics [Boragar]
  • Fixed Swimming Skill to start at skill level 1 [Trust]
  • Adjusted exp to be closer to era appropriate and more forgiving then it was set to. [Trust]

Luclin Expansion (These are ready for dev testing)

Zone Updates
  • SSRA temple is ready for consumption

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