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Planes of Power Release

Postby Boragar » Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:47 pm

We are finishing up our database portion of PoP in the next couple of weeks(test away on PoP Alpha!) and wrapping up the event scripting. Then we must double check everything we have done and take player feedback to polish. PoP will be the best expansion yet, we have massive amounts of parsing data that has gone into this and we expect to bring you a launch that is more polished than ever before!

With that being said, late spring/early summer will be the soonest we can have this expansion out.

Current issues we need to solve before we can launch are:

1. AA exp vs high level cons....by our preliminary data white-red mobs aren't giving enough AA exp per kill and blues are giving too much.

2. AA's and AA testing. You can help by testing AA's in our PoP section on the Alpha server. This way we will have multiple eyes on any AA issues and then get the code correct to fix prior to launch.

We have 1 C++ coder atm and a ton of work to do, so please be patient!

-P2002 Team

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